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    anyone know the most compatible blu-ray drive for macos? Im not looking to play movies ill boot to windows for that. just looking for one that will function well under mocos. ie eject button works, regular dvd playback, possible dl burning etc
  2. user2

    HTPC build/whishlist

    I've been eyeing this one. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813121353
  3. user2

    What PCI video card will work?

    I used an old pny fx5200 under Tiger an it worked fine but it didn't have dvi just vga
  4. user2

    10.5.4 Released

    Installed through software update and all is gooood
  5. I think Hillary would have had a better chance. There is now way Obama can carry Ohio,Pennsylvania,Florida, or michigan. Try winning the general election without those. Leave it to the Democrats to F*ck up an easy win!
  6. user2

    Remote Control in Leo

    I used 922-7603 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;hl=receiver
  7. user2

    Darwin commands?

    -x safeboot -s single user don't remember any others
  8. user2

    What is EFI,Vanilla Kernel ?

    efi stands for Extensible Firmware Interface. It is what has replaced the traditional bios Vanilla Kernel is an untouched kernel. I'm not sure if it will work with the prescott. I know in the beginning it required dual core but I'm not sure that's still the case
  9. user2


    I think the Zephyroth DVD requires sse3 to boot. Could be wrong though.
  10. user2

    Swap hdd from Intel to AMD

    I didn't think it would be much of an issue. The build I am using is very close to the retail dvd. Is there things besides kexts that need to be added?
  11. Yeah I love my xbmc!!! I actually have an extra mod chip that came in a broken xbox I used for parts. If anybody wants it PM me
  12. I have and old 20 gig drive that I use for testing new stuff and I want to swap it into an AMD machine. I have always used Intel for my hackintosh projects so I was hoping for a little insight into the AMD realm. The drive currently has brazil 10.5.2 with pc_efi v8 and the vanilla kernel. I would like to transfer it to my fathers Asus A8V deluxe with an opteron 180. I looked through the Wiki and there is very little on the A8V. Does anyone have experience with this board or have any tips as to what I might need in terms of kexts and kernel.
  13. user2

    Apple TV on a Hack

    so this is "take 2" right? I tried this on my badaxe2 and it won't boot. Anything you did different than the readme suggested?
  14. user2

    G4 CPU in a PowerMac G3

    the first gen g4 used the same socket as the g3 but it was quickly changed. the quicksilver is easily modded to function in a digital audio, all that is required is the edition of 12v to one of the screw terminals. I have a quicksilver cpu in a da board overclocked to 866 running leopard and it is pretty darn slow
  15. user2

    G4 CPU in a PowerMac G3

    Totally different socket.