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  1. x200 chipset installation

    Guys! is this real? so if i have xpress 1150, i can get QE/CI working?
  2. Australia: No pr0n 4 u!

    Poor little Australians! correct the title, its p0rn not pr0n
  3. I, honestly starting to get sick of those kind of news! I thought this forum was more about computer freedom, free software and hackintosh, but all I see in the news every time is news about the success of apple, its market share, its revenue and its income, I just don't care, this is a computer forum not a business meeting.
  4. Most Syrians are Arabs, and there's no such thing as some race is intelligent than an other. there's a time when Arabs were glorious in science and they gave the world many things, and there is a time when they are not it depends on historical and economic facts.
  5. First, They have a different culture, it's a fact you can deny, you just have to accept their differences, and that what makes people live together friendly and peacefully. second, you are not American, I'm talking here about Americans here, They just don't accept others difference, At least not all of them but still many of them. And i'm not a prejudice, and I said what I saw and heard , there's too many problems everytime in US about hate crimes, racism.... but in Canada, I never heard any of that.
  6. I'm just a little bit surprise here to find a successful Arab-American businessman in USA. It's just that many Americans are less open-minded, and they support a bunch of liars and war criminals in their government, and many of them still think Arabs are terrorist. I said that based on my own experience.
  7. WTF? no, of course It doesn't matter, did i say it matters?! I'm just curious. What's your point? why do you think it matter? what's wrong with you people. Did i judge him? I'm just asking.
  8. Many rumors says that Steve Job is an Arab-American, His father is a syrian who imigrate to America in the 50's or 60's, some says it's wrong and he was adopted or something like that, can some one clarify thing please? I'm confused here.
  9. kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 Released

    Too bad no AMD release yet
  10. The "Mac Guy" was Right

    Sorry man, I know you're a great news poster and you always keep the community updated, but not this time
  11. The question is, What are you doing here? you just here to argue with me, well first Linux is now a really easy operating system, the absolute noobs can learn Ubuntu in minutes, it's even easier than windows. Second if you just want a computer and have a confortable living, why are you installing a hackintoch in it which is a real pain in the ass. Third My main response wasn't even about Linux, it was just a word of conclusion, what i really talked about was Microsoft and Apple and it is related with the main subject, I just made my point, I hate big companies and i have my reasons. I coudn't agree more:), I meant by "product" is the Operating system.
  12. The "Mac Guy" was Right

    It says a lot more than that, no offense dude, but in news, people should be neutral, bring something new and usefull. Just forget the confusing statistics, and let's use our logic, How a Mac can make people more creative? You're story is some kind of publicity for Apple.
  13. The "Mac Guy" was Right

    those statistics are really meaningless, What's the point of that? How does this make Mac users more creatives? Plus, Most of PC users download Music "Illegally".
  14. iATKOS is released (updated)

    Still waiing for AMD release