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  1. So are these BIOS's applicable to a Lion install wanting to get sleep working also?
  2. Couple of things; 1. My microphone doesn't work... Don't know why, but I've tried both the front and back ports. 2. How do I enable sleep? I've tried looking through a few pages here, but to be honest, theres so much stuff here its insane. I have the P8P67 Pro Rev 3.0. What is needed for sleep? New to the whole Hackintosh thing really... EDIT: Oh and disabling Bluetooth at the OS level? Any progress on this?
  3. Only problem now is Audio isn't working... so no Microphone etc either
  4. Well... tried my USB stick and its.... WORKING. WTF. Anyways, it seems to have installed without a problem now, I have no idea why my external, that has worked so many times before, didn't work this time. I wonder if it could be related to that 4K sector issue. Because everything I did to the stick was the same as I did to the HDD. Anyways... looks like I need to buy a new GPU since my 4670 doesn't support dual monitors.... Going to test updates soon and see how they function. I think I'll be in for a new GPU and PSU next week when I go to town so I can swap to Mac for good Thanks Andy! I knew your method shouldn't have been as hard as I was making it..! BTW... option to turn Bluetooth off from within Mac? Anyone?
  5. Same result... Boot file is definitely there. I will have to try the USB stick I have lying around here and see how that turns out.
  6. I've used my external 320GB drive before as the bootable drive to install mac, as I used it last time... but I think I have a USB stick lying around here that I can try should this fail again. Only reason I didn't use a USB drive was before it would take forever to restore to it, natually. Restoring BaseSysten.dmg to my 'Lion' partition on my external drive as we speak with 10 minutes to go. So not too long now to try.
  7. Yeah thats correct. I don't even get to the installation. I've had Mac running on this harddrive before without a problem, I just don't remember the method I used that worked! So pretty sure that ones okay.. Just gotta get the bootable install drive to work. Cheers Aaron
  8. I want to test it on my spare 250GB HDD before I go and install it on my SSD just to ensure everything I need works. (Using my 320GB external as the install media)
  9. 99.5% sure - but I'll double check to make sure. I've only got a VM to make the bootable drive, so I'll go do that and I'll report back and see how it goes. Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! Okay so I definitely still need Andyboot5 to boot Lion, is that correct? I just see no reference to it in the Lion guide. I'll go give that another go and see how it goes. Thanks!
  11. I'd really like to give this another go today, Andy... Have you seen the error or heard of the error I posted above? Your help is much appreciated. Aaron
  12. Sorry Andy, was a little tired that night and didn't spend time getting the error... Right, so what happens is I tried the Lion procedure... didn't work. (and by didn't work I mean it won't boot, just sitting there with a blinking dos-like screen) So I tried to use your boot disk to boot it... then it comes up saying " Errors encountered while starting up the computer Pausing 5 Seconds... DMI Table Entries list is full! Next entries wont be stored DMI Table Entries list is full! Next entries wont be stored DMI Table Entries list is full! Next entries wont be stored give it a a couple of seconds then it goes to the Apple boot screen.. starts spinning and sounds as though its loading from my external (with the install on it) then just bombs out, have to reset and won't get any further. I'm sure I'm missing just a simple thing but I have no idea what. (to be fair the bootdisk was made for SL I think, but I thought i better try the options before posting!)
  13. I've followed through with this procedure a few times now and still not had any success.. Sometimes it boots and then throws a DMI error of sorts... (cant read the rest of it quick enough as the PC reboots). Do I need to have a working SL install first? I created the disk out of a SL VM. Does it matter>? Would love to get this going.
  14. I must be a complete nub. Can't get this to work at all. Just gives me an error when trying to boot. something about an error occured while booting, then flicks to the Apple loading screen then KP's.
  15. What options do I need to turn on? (Same motherboard as you..) I can boot off of USB stuff, but yeah, just not showing in your loader...