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  1. Software Needed: Simple X and Y Graphing

    Thanks a lot! It's just exactly what I needed I had no idea that Apple provided such a program. Once again, THANKS!
  2. I am looking for a simple software that would allow me to insert unlimited X and Y values. These values would then be displayed on a X and Y chart. The chart needs to be fully customizable as in custom numbering. Ex: You can change the X and Y values to different number schemes. If there isn't such a program, then I'll attempt to code one. Please let me know by this afternoon. Thanks.
  3. I am either looking to code a layout app or a WYSIWYG game engine for Cocos2D. I want to find out what would be the best way to approach the layout editor. Would a NSCollectionView work best for this task? I appreciate the advice and info. Thanks, Shane.