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  1. borez

    Clover General discussion

    Hi all, Need some help with this - I'm trying to migrate to Clover, but I can't even get the Clover UI to boot at all (the cursor just gets stuck there in a black screen). Am running R800 option. Have installed the UEFI option on ML, with all the x64 drivers installed. The legacy boot option works perfectly, and installing Clover with BIOS functionality works too. Thanks!
  2. I agree - but however, I'm rather skeptical on the idea's durability. I can vaguely recall a similar contraption (although not exactly the same idea) - 3Com's XJACK pop-out connectors. Had an XJACK card, and it sorta gave way after a while..
  3. Basically if you take a look at the pics, you'll see that their patented design allows the physical ports (i.e. USB) to be literally flattened and collapsed. As you observe from those ports, there are those empty spaces within the port's internal dimensions. What it does is to literally flatten them down, hence eliminating these free pockets of space.
  4. What about the new Bearlake boards? Although they are not officially supported by OSX, but I'm just wondering if the existing P965 drivers will do the job..
  5. Hi all, I'm about to plonk down cash getting a new C2D system (I'm going for this instead of AMD just to run OSX86), and I'm contemplating the Gigabyte P965-DS3 board. However, the Bearlake boards are coming out soon. Just curious if Apple will provide Bearlake support to these new chipsets...
  6. Hi all, Just curious if colour profiles work with the Titan drivers.
  7. Am currently downloading at ~2.1MB/s (on a corporate network). Sweet. For those who have problems with the direct link download, try to navigate to the MS webpage first, then click on the link in that page. If you can access the page, you should be able to get a working link (should be some referrer URL that enables the download perhaps?)
  8. Hi all, Has anyone managed to get their keys for Beta 2? I followed the instructions to get mine, but I got a prompt that "I received the max keys", and I did not receive any via email... I attempted to request for it again (using another email), but to no avail. EDIT: I attempted to re-attempt the thing again, but selecting United States, and it worked for me. So for those users who have problems with registration, make sure that you select United States.
  9. borez

    nForce SATA

    Hi jape, Nice observation - could anyone concur with this as well?
  10. borez

    nForce SATA

    Hi there all, Some questions with regards to the data corruption: does the corruption happen only on the boot partition itself? I'm wondering if there is any corruption on the following instances: 1) The drive is not used for booting, but for plainly data storage 2) Whether the other partitions on the boot disk (if the SATA disk is used) are affected. I presume that all the affected corruption disks are using FAT32...
  11. borez

    borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Hi there, I presume that you are referring to the ATINDRV in 10.4.6 (usually in the 10.4.6 Disabled Extensions folder). I attempted to use that version, and nothing broke, but DVI is still a no-go.
  12. borez

    Free .mac-style storage

    Hi all, Great find. What I would suggest to those users who have gotten their 5 referrals to delete their links, so that other users would get a chance of having a free upgrade. Here's My Invite Link!
  13. borez

    Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hi, My problem has been solved with the latest revision of the driver. I think you may be using the wrong driver build.
  14. borez

    borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Nice observation there. I tried the following on my Xpertvision X1600 Pro, and the DVI's still a no-go. I guess I have to revert back to using VGA then..
  15. borez

    borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Woah. Glad to hear that you managed to get it working with DVI. Am inspired to try mine out (mine is a Xpertvision 1600 Pro, 71C2). Will report back.