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  1. Has anyone tried to run the laptop without external power? Mine stops the fan as soon as I disconnect the power cable... I removed AppleHPET and CpuPowerManagement to get USB 2.0 working.
  2. Yes that'd be a good idea to do, I'll try that. But this doesn't really help in solving the sleep issue, it just prevents the laptop from crashing when I forget that I shouldn't close the lid =) Unfortunately I don't have a solution for the fan not working when on battery problem. Wouldn't that be something for the DSDT hackers ? I think you could control the fans through ACPI (like reading battery status). As we're able to read the CPU temps it'd be possible to control the fan speed depending on the CPU's temperature. What do the experts think? Does anyone have info about how to boot into the hibernate file? I found out that OSX creates a sleep image, so it should be possible to start that in Chameleon. But how? What I forgot to ask before, does the mic work on your laptops (built-in, plugged in)? @Hex Hex: Maybe you could edit the title (e.g. "(Snow) Leopard on HP 8510w Mobile Workstation") so that everyone can find the thread easily and help us get an even better running Snow Leopard
  3. Hey guys, first of all thank you all (especially hexhex) for your great work on OSX on the 8510w. @sinnsyk: To solve the USB issue you just have to delete AppleHPET.kext. Don't know what exactly it does, but after I deleted it I got full USB speed. The thing that I'd like to work is sleep. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that he'd managed to make it work, does anyone have more info on that? Hibernate would be OK as well, how can I use it? I've read that OSX automatically creates a hibernate file when going to sleep, does anyone know how I can use that after "sleep"? Thank you.