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  1. i did everything before asking it here. tried recovery console but it didn't recognized my installed XP. tried Chameleon for windows but it also didn't work. looks like the only solution is to re-install Windows Anybody???
  2. I want everybody's opinions on this, i had Windows XP & iAtkos s3 v2 installed on my pc with chameleon boot loader. I then deleted the partition from Windows XP, cause i got new macbook pro, but now i cannot boot into Windows XP. Cause the 'chameleon' is gone. Please help on how to get my Windows XP running again, as i can only boot into Windows XP from the iAtkos DVD.
  3. ok i have installed iAtkos on my HP NC6400 i do get sound, touch pad scroll & usbs working but cannot get my X1300 mobility working also no ethernet and wireless!?! please help me out
  4. thanks i will try and let you know thanks again
  5. ok i will download and install iAtkos 3.2 and then tell u guys my experience. Thanks!
  6. I love Mac OS X and really wanted to use it on my notebook. Simple solution was to buy a Mac but i think Mac is still very expensive for me. I downloaded "Hazard Mac OS X 10.6.6i" which i used recently on my friends pc. After all the hardwork . When i booted the DVD in verbose it gives me error like: "ElltioForceLegacyRTC has corrupted the registry" Screenshot Noob help needed to install "Mac OS X Hazard 10.6.6i" on my HP Compaq NC6400 notebook. Specs: Intel Core 2 T7200 2.0GHz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 80GB HD SATA, ATI Mobility X1300 (128mb + 384 shared), Intel WiFi thanks in advance!