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  1. Sweet! I've had the Dev Preview for Windows 8 for quite a while, but I'm not really interested in installing it or re-downloading the Consumer Preview either. Never going to use it..
  2. Sometimes, even though you get kps, keep rebooting. I've noticed that different kexts cause my kps and after few reboots it boots up fine.
  3. Andy, have you tried various ATI personalities? It seems that even though we all have the same laptop (with small variations) they still act a bit differently. For my machine, when at the Chameleon boot screen I choose Langur (you type 'AtiConfig=Langur') for my LCD monitor to work by HDMI. My laptop monitor goes fuzzy, but I can't seem to fix that. Sometimes repeated reboots seem to fix the problem. It doesn't seem to be consistent... Which personalities have you tried?
  4. Hey guys, It's been a long time! I think I should mention that without any use at all, my machine drops to a content 55 degs, works at 60 on average/normal use and bumps up to 70 when I run the Android emulator which is a pretty heavy emulator to run. CharlieSheen, if you're getting 60s on Windows then there's definitely a reason to take a look at yours under the hood, Windows has similar or lower heating issues. I've mainly solved it with a can of compressed air. After having it last cleaned out by the Dell service center in early August 2011, I've used a can of compressed air to shoot air directly into the fans when the computer is closed. I've noticed huge differences after doing so, I've even seen my temperature drop to 45 degs! I haven't changed any kexts on my machine, CharlieSheen really is the person who knows what he's doing there. After installing Lion, I use Langur for connecting my laptop to my monitor by HDMI but the laptop screen doesn't work - it has tv static. Orangutan did work initially but now when I use it, my laptop screen goes blank. If there's anything you'll need from me just let me know. I can't promise I can get back to you immediately since I'm pretty busy during this semester of mine but I'll do my best.
  5. Try booting with arch = i386 using a USB keyboard. That should solve the wireless issue. Please read the entire thread. There are fixes for all that you've mentioned in this thread. Install SL first, it's ok if the graphics don't work, don't bother trying. Just use the installation to make the bootable Lion partition/USB.
  6. lifelike27

    AirDrop - Wifi compatible cards

    I found a quick fix, I'm not sure if it's the most ideal though: http://www.macworld.com/article/162407/201...op_any_mac.html
  7. Hey guys, My ATI 5470 doesn't seem to be working too well with HDMI out. Like the title says, it used to work perfect, but how I get a bad grey screen. Picture below. When I had SL 10.6.7 I used the Hoolock personality and it worked fine. Now though, Hoolock either causes kps (it did before as well), I get the same messed up screen but on the external monitor. I'm currently using Zonalis because that seems to be the most stable, but again no proper. I've gone through Langur and Orangutan and that's where the news get's interesting. Langur works, but only on the external monitor. Orangutan works for both, but recently (maybe after the 10.7.2 update, when I boot with Orangutan the screen goes completely blank. I know that the computer is working fine, because I can login fine and hear the alert sounds. As well as restart because I know where the option is without the screen. My best bet is to figure out how to get Orangutan. Note: After Orangutan worked perfectly the first time, I edited my org.chameleon.Boot.plist and changed Zonalis to Orangutan. Rebooted and since then it's not been working... =\ I would appreciate it so much if someone could help me with this! I just got this new external monitor and I'm dying to use it with OSX and work on my projects with it!
  8. I'm getting an external monitor, but unfortunately it will only have VGA and DVI connectors. I've also found a cable on ebay that lets you connect a DVI output to a HDMI input though I'm not sure if it'll work. My graphics card works fine with HDMI-to-HDMI, but this is going to be a DVI-to-HDMI so I'm unsure about that. Would anyone have experience with this? This is the cable I found here. Thanks!
  9. Good news guys! After having access to an monitor with HDMI outputs since I'm away from home at university, I've finally been able to try all the different ATI personalities to find out which one works best (for me at least). Hoolock - monitor detects signal but soon displays 'No signal' on it. Zonalis (current) - doesn't work but causes a scrambled display on my laptop screen. (See screenshot from previous post) Langur - Works, but scrambled display on laptop screen. Orangutan (spelling might be off) - WIN! Both LCD monitor _AND_ laptop display work great! It also doesn't seem to be causing KPs during my testing phase. VGA didn't work for the top three - I didn't try VGA on Orangutan. I'll update this post once I do. I might be getting a monitor with only VGA and DVI because it fits in my budget. I'll be getting a DVI to HDMI cable to use with it, though I'm not sure if it would work especially since OS X is pretty annoying to work with when it comes to these things. Any ideas? Also, it would be nice if you'll could try out different ATI configs and post the outcome here for everyone if you'll have the time and resources. (Quick guide: When at the chameleon/chimera boot screen, type in AtiConfig=Zonalis/Hoolock/Orangutan/Langur and hit enter. If you get a KP just repeat and it might not have a KP after that) Enjoy! What bootloader are you using?
  10. idpsystem2, You shouldn't have both, VoodooHDA and AppleHDA kexts, installed at the same time. This is probably why you suffer those KPs.
  11. Hello CharlieSheen! Glad to see your still alive. I've updated to 10.7.2 as well but with one small glitch. Since I'm using the older IO80211Family Kext, the update overwrote that so I lost wireless. To fix that, just add the old kext back on as you did previously and you'll be good to go! I'm off to try out different hacks with iCloud.
  12. Lol, I know that feeling well. You should keep this system as your test system. I didn't do that when I started my hackintosh project. I used my main system (this one) and blindly went ahead. I'm lucky I got everything working (mostly).
  13. Backlit keyboard works fine. Do you have a problem with the volume keys? I'm just wondering because there's a specific problem that others (including me) have been having and I was just wondering if the normal keyboard had this issue as well. I still recommend Chimera provided you know how to return to the previous bootloader without an issue.
  14. You don't have to worry about it. It's just text, doesn't do anything. If you want to change it, prasys has a good tutorial to do this: http://prasys.info/2009/09/guidecreating-y...n-smbios-plist/
  15. Should you get kps saying "Mac OS version: Not yet set." then you should try installing Chimera. Boot with a live CD/USB or boot with safe mode. Ignore the external monitor bug, it's a known issue and I don't think anyone knows how to fix it. I think it depends on what ATI personality you're using. I used to have that same problem but now that I'm using Zonalis, that problem seems to have disappeared. When you say that VoodooBattery isn't working, do you mean the kext isn't loaded at all or the battery icon doesn't seem to be appearing in the menu bar? If it's the latter, head to your System Preferences -> Energy Saver and make sure that the option 'Show battery status in menu bar' is checked. Otherwise try to find a newer version of the battery kext. A quick search for the most recent battery kexts brings this link to me: http://www.kexts.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1384 One thing to note, using the older version of IO80211Family kext means that you won't have AirDrop capabilities - sorry.