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  1. MSI GX640 DSDT Help

    yes i tried,but when almost finish install combo 10.6.7 ,it got five language to me.
  2. MSI GX640 DSDT Help

    how to NativePM and restart fix use Chameleon RC5 1) i installed 10.6.0 is that ok ? 2)i used bootthink is that ok? because i installed Chameleon RC5 and active mac os disk,but then restart i cant start mac os ,is black screen with a flash _ 3) i put dsdt into c:\drawin\extra, add your code in apple.boot.plist,REMOVeD EvOreboot and Disabler,put your smbios MacBookPro6,1 into c:\drawin\extra. BUT it doesnt work
  3. MSI GX640 DSDT Help

    what is mean ???
  4. MSI GX640 DSDT Help

    thx very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send_me.zip
  5. MSI GX640 DSDT Help

    could u give the MSI GX640 DSDT.AML,thx hero !!! i5 450m 5850 ddr5,4g ddr1333 thx soooooo much!!!