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  1. Mutant

    Samsung laptop and UEFI boot

    Dear Cybermiguel, Any change at your situation? Could you succeed to instal Win7 x64 and Lion at your UEFI Laptop?
  2. Mutant

    Samsung laptop and UEFI boot

    Dear cybermiguel, I have a similiar problem. So I would like to ask what happened at your case? Is there any change? Could you install both win7 64 bit and lion together? I have a new Lenovo b570 laptop with UEFI bios. Opposite to your Samsung I do not have an option for legacy MBR boot. It directly boots UEFI system. I installed win7 64 bit on GPT partition. Now I am googling and searching on how to install lion (preferably iatkos) on GPT partiton. If I can find a solution for this, then I am planning to make a multiboot machine with w7 64 bit, iatkos and Ubuntu in one. Any recommendation is highly appreciated.
  3. Hi Alphaville-X, Two questions: - Did you install lion on MBR partition or GPT patition? - Did you install Lion standalone or is your Lenovo has dualboot?
  4. Hi Powerboy, Could you solve this problem. Is there any development in your case. I have a new Lenovo B570 with 8 GB RAM, i3 Processor and 500GB HDD. I am planning to make a multi boot system with iAtkos-L2, Win7 64 bit and Ubuntu, all in one. I think, still I need to read a lot. After a few try, I noticed that Lenovo's primitive UEFI boot is somehow incompatible with Mac OSX lion. Iatkos couldn't boot on GPT partition of my Lenovo. I cannot use legacy MBR system because of Win7 64 bit will not work on MBR. So, I couldn't find the solution yet. Any help or recommendation is highly welcome. :-)
  5. Dear Forum community, I kindly request help on following problem. I have a new desktop PC which I use as a multi boot machine. I have a W7, two XPs and two Linux distros smoothly working in one. I am now trying to add iAtkos s3. My motherboard is P5K and the bios is crossflashed with P5KR bios in order to enable the ACHI mode under SATA options. I have 2 HDDs and they are partitioned by MBR method not GPT. I create the SL install partition with iAtkos install DVD. My CPU is Intel Core2Duo E 7800, 2.9 Ghz. and graphic card is Ati Radeon (HIS branded) HD 4670, 512 MB with dual DVI. I have no VGA plug. During installation I choose default options. I choose PC-EFI, graphic enabler and Chameleon RC5. The Installation went normally. After restart, now I can here a nice music but no graphic response. (Total blank screen) As I guess, the problem is graphic card kext. I am not experienced on Mac OSX, unfortunately. I read a lot on Insanelymac, Netkas, Tonymacx86 and Osx86 forums during last 15 days. It just makes me more confusing. It is so hard to find exact driver and information among millions of topics and details. Can you please help me and describe simply, how can I make my graphic card work normally. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.