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  1. Updated to Mojave beta 8 (18A371a) and everything is gone. Stuck at apple logo. Would you start from scratch? USB SSDT added Send me iMac-di-Giacomo.zip
  2. Mald0n, I'd like to study what you've done on DSDT. Do you have some advice about some software that I can use to compare DSDTs? EDIT: DiffMerge does the job!
  3. As a matter of fact TH-LAN works (I didn't even create a new connection, maybe was just a bad moment!). As for sleep, now it's working and it doesn't wake instantly. The problem is that for waking it up it's necessary to press the power button. No wake from usb, or bluetooth. Send me iMac-di-Giacomo.zip
  4. It seems to go well, except for sleep. After a couple of seconds, it wakes up EDIT: I've noticed that Ethernet via thunderbolt port doesn't work anymore Send me iMac-di-Giacomo.zip
  5. ASROck Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac Intel i7 8700 UHD 630 Thunderbolt 3 onboard Latest BIOS version 3.10 Mojave Beta 7 (18A365a) Sys Def iMac 18,1 Send me iMac-di-Giacomo.zip
  6. I noticed that you have changed a few things in config, kext etc...Should I change everything, or just simply add the. dsdt in patched folder, keeping my old setup??
  7. MaLd0n, thanks for the DSDT, I'm gonna try it asap! Meanwhile, would you try to patch this one? ASUS Rampage V Extreme (latest unlocked bios) Intel i7 5820k gigabyte GTX 980 OC 4GB SSD 850 evo Asus thunderboltEXII DeckLink Mini Monitor PciExpress video acquisition card FireWire card PciExpress High Sierra 10.13.4 fresh install Her are proper files. Thanks https://www1.zippyshare.com/v/aAIEJl8G/file.html
  8. Here you go! https://www23.zippyshare.com/v/oiF10BX4/file.html Thank you g.
  9. Hello MaLd0n, my configuration: ASUS Z170i Pro Gaming ITX Intel Kaby Lake i7 7700 no discrete Graphics Bios version 3607 (latest) macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 - fresh install SMBios iMac 18,1 (the only one that works without discrete graphics on 10.13.4) Here's my Send me files https://www13.zippyshare.com/v/FZcSTT6I/file.html Thank you g.
  10. giacomoleopardo

    Tracing back the AMD GPU wakeup issue to its origin

    @Mieze @vit9696 I'm following with a lot of interest this thread. Maybe this will sound a bit naive, but I wonder how come the wathevergreen.kext could make HDMI audio working and Mieze's method in some cases (like the hackaro's one) not. Is something missing there? Besides that, this is really something. Thank you guys!
  11. giacomoleopardo

    Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    Thanks, but last DP no longer allows to skip APFS format (check box). I used pikeralpha's workaroud here https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2017/08/03/script-to-check-apfs-conversion-settings/
  12. giacomoleopardo

    Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    I tried to install Beta 10.13 but the second phase of the install process still converts my M.2 to APFS, even if I format it in HFS+ journaled. Does anybody have some advice on how to install on HFS+? Uefi Clover install method, of course
  13. I had an issue with 10.12.1 and AppleALC too. On my ASRock Z170 Fatal1ty ITX (Realtek ALC1150) caused kernel panic every time I rebuilt kernel cache. Even after unistall it, the behavior never stopped. Tried a fresh install with no audio at all, and everithing is fine. Back to PikeRalpha/Toleda's method. Still not sure about AppleALC relation, though.
  14. I'm sorry, I don't get it: you mean you tried the Test2-2016.efi file and you're confirming working on your rig?