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  1. Port forwarding not working

    Under Protocol you have it set to BOTH - choose the TCP option
  2. God botherers, I want your opinions.

    God or no God - Free Will does not exist
  3. Port forwarding not working

    Hi - my setup is slightly different. I turn off UPnP in the router so would choose NAT. I keep my pc settings as DHCP but choose to maintain the same IP address in the router. My port forwarding settings are assigned to the hostname not its IP address. Not sure that is a Local IP address - that is the Gateway address.But I am not familiar with the inteface you are using.Also my DNS servers are not stored locally.
  4. God botherers, I want your opinions.

    I think that is the point of this topic - why devotion? I have had a spiritual experience but it was about connected energy - not about god or the absolute. And yes! I would want more of that but it never happened again. I have also resigned myself to die in the gutter at the hands of a New York madman but things worked out (quirk of fate) - someone said that that was the will of Allah - but he would say that wouldn't he. and by the way you did say "reason"
  5. OS X Annoyances

    probably mentioned already: When you eject a USB memory stick the OS does not force shutdown power to the device
  6. Worst Thing about Macs

    My comments were a bit tongue-in-cheek - something to do with the fact that I personally would not shell out loadsamoney for the illusion of power & quality. I would feel like one of life's suckers at the mercy of some Ad campaign. But I do not frown on those who shell out the same for their Ferrari lookalikes. Every Mac owner I have come across has moaned about the degradation over time in the previous Mac operating system forcing them to rave about the recent Mac operating system. And so it goes on. Something delusional going on there. Or maybe it has got to do with the fact that my eldest brother is a raving Liverpool supporter plus a raving Mac enthusuiast (the worst of combinations I assure you!!!!) Remember that a home computer does not suffer from the considerable network overhead of a school/college box. Also in heavy multi-user scenarios the OS (Windows obviously) is being exposed to masses of personal USB devices - something which Microsoft did not envisage as it can prevent boot up of its OS never mind performance. Our Mac open access suites are not as popular (hmm I wonder why?) so they don't get pummelled as much - so the Apple OS has not been thoroughly tested in the same manner. The typical Mac drone would point that up as a reason in favour of Mac - duh! Customisable? I would say that the Hac OS X is the most customisable version of Apple builds- and even that suffers from lack of hardware support My bottom line is this - If I was forced to shell out loadsamoney for a Windows box sold only from the Microsoft factory I would want it to be valued in terms of power & performance - NOT design. I would not want to know that comparable power & peformance was available at a lower price. What would be the point in that? If Design is your main criterion then sure go ahead but please don't raise the technology argument - it just doesn't wash. Being a Windows user I couldn't give a monkeys about design. My Windows builds do nothing to enhance the ambience of my loft and long may it continue.
  7. God botherers, I want your opinions.

    a few thoughts: 1. The Nag Hammadi Library is a set of gospels (not in the edited/manufactured Bible) which Christian Gnostics read before they were persecuted by established Christians. The problem was that Gnosticism does/did not need Bishops - hmm 2. A belief in a Supreme Being does not need a Religion 3. Muslims do not have free will - the will of Allah is paramount 4. If life teeters on the unsustainable on this earth how are we to survive as a species? Does the Godhead rescue the species? Or do we get off our backsides and do something? 5. Do God believers have a minimal carbon footprint or are they just as culpable? 6. Is the Godhead going to stop the Sun from exploding? And if not does he/she provide the emegency transport?
  8. Worst Thing about Macs

    On the face of it - convincing. However 1. BMW's & PORSCHES are proven to have more powerful engines inside the casing (not so with a MAC) 2. HOMES are highly customisable (not so with the MAC hardware) 3. TRAVELLING expands your horizons and you experience a great variety of customs (not so with the closed MAC experience) 4. My home cooking goes far beyond Micro-wave - (restaurants are not good value)
  9. Essential Windows Programs

    Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) for security (plus the usual) Grand Prix 4 (enhanced thru modding)
  10. OS X Annoyances

    Server Abnormal End (Abend) triggering further abends to backup servers caused by print jobs sent by Macs in a mixed platform network environment.
  11. Couple of question

  12. hhmmm - Maybe all DS3 users are like me in that I did not install that particular updateI am a DS3 user by the way
  13. DD near success

    360freak You have successfully dd-ed the image - just follow the increase partition size instructions from Atlee's post that Zarac provided the link to
  14. DD near success

    This is getting a little too complicated I think. I installed from a flat image and resized to a 500GB drive. Look at the sticky!! Particularly Zuza's post: Ok, I've started with a 15 GB partition (on a 400GB disk). In Vista I've created a second partition but did not format it. From Leopard I've erased the newly created partition and then used: diskutil list that listed back 2 partitions with the identifiers: disk1s1 and disk1s2 (in other cases might be disk0...) Now, sudo diskutil mergePartitions "Journaled HFS+" New disk1s1 disk1s2 did the trick (New is the name, it will actually be ignored). The first partition will be kept intact and the second one will be "merged" therefore you will loose all contents (I made sure it was empty before running the merge just in case).