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  1. try class action lawsuit lawyers love that stuff BTW what do you mean by "OTOY Octane workflows are top of mind"
  2. thanks.. that is relatively pretty quick now why can't mojave get nvidia drivers after 6 months and ongoing? Pretty sure apple is not approving the drivers since it doesn't benefit Nvidia not to release the mojave drivers It just causes people to hate nvidia and move to AMD. Some articles about this. Now not so hopeful that mojave nvidia drivers would get released https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcochiappetta/2018/12/11/apple-turns-its-back-on-customers-and-nvidia-with-macos-mojave/#777fc02437e9 https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/01/18/apples-management-doesnt-want-nvidia-support-in-macos-and-thats-a-bad-sign-for-the-mac-pro
  3. so just to understand this clearly you were able to install nvidia latest web driver made for high sierra on mojave but so far video and gaming are not running properly and only images can be loaded with acceleration? Would you be able make a youtube clip so we can see how glitchy it is running? Is the login screen or opening a browser glitchy when viewing web pages with just images only? And is scrolling the webpages glitchy etc?
  4. so you ran the exact same script on mojave? and does the display desktop without glitchy artefacts? or how about playing videos?
  5. For everyone who has the same problem of not having the same nvidia web driver as the build version of Mac OS I found this solution on another site which lets you install any drivers versions you want Why InsanelyMac does not support tonymacx86 Direct link to the script is here.. https://github.com/vulgo/webdriver.sh First you need to disable SIP protection either in config.plist or via clover To do it it in config.plist 1. Mount your EFI and open config.plist in clover configurator 2. Go to RT variables 3. Change CsrActiveConfig = 0x67 4. Reboot the Mac OS. Download the script https://github.com/vulgo/webdriver.sh 1. Open terminal and go the directory you extract this script 2. Run the script , by typing ./webdriver list 3. Choose the latest version of nvidia web driver, usually number 1. So just type "1" and press enter 4. When asked to Install? Type "y" for yes 5. Modify installed driver for current Mac OS version? type "y" for yes) 6. Then after installation, Make sure to do this to get the driver to load Enter this in the same terminal sudo kextcache -i / 7. Reboot Mac OS Nvidia web drivers should now be loaded and your display is now no longer glitchy. NOTE: Also according to the github of that script it runs on 10.14 Mojave as well.. so that is something to test out for those who have been waiting for nvidia drivers for mojave for so long now. I haven't tested it on mojave, but if someone does, please report back here, if nvidia web drivers work on mojave for you.
  6. i don't know what is allowed or not but can you pm me plz so you are on 17G6030 with working nvidia web drivers?
  7. No, I don't have the 17G6029 - 2019-002 update file or a time machine backup of it that is why I was asking if anyone happen to have a copy of that update that they kept for archive purpose after downloading it via the apple store website or from the mac store. Prior to updating 2019-002, I checked to made sure there was a compatible nvidia driver Since there was for 17G6029, I assume this was what we would get for 2019-002, but it turns out apple did a swifty trick on us and name the update the same 2019-002 security but with the newer 17G6030.. For many of us that didn't know, we are now stuck with a glitch os due to not having the nvidia driver. My current gpu is a 1080 BTW, so it needs the nvidia driver. I suggest we you have respository of all apple update files so in the future if this occurs again, ppl can still at least get the correct update file. Is that possible to create on this site or you know of any sites that has it etc? I know there is a few sites for IOS update files, but non for mac OS update files. How long does nvidia usually release their alternative drivers for each update? BTW these alternative nvidia web drivers are just mainly for cards (e.g. pascal cards - 1080 etc) not officially supported by Apple? But if we have another older card that does work out of the box e.g. gtx 760, then we don't need it? Also with mojave, why is there no nvidia web drivers released but AMD does have the drivers for it? And again in regards to mojave, if I got a spare gtx 760, that would work out of the box without needing a nvidia driver? Is there a way to check what version an update file (dmg file) will install? I like checked to avoid this problem in the future
  8. Where can we get the previous 17G6029 (2019-002) update file? The current one on apple site (2019-002 security update) and mac store is updating to 17G6030 and therefore not compatible with the current nvidia driver NVIDIA Web Driver 387. I still got the official 2019-001 update, but would like to get the 17G6029 (2019-002) update file. I updated to 2019-002 but thought it was 17G6029, But I got 17G6030 instead and now no nvidia web drivers can be installed. So is the only thing we can is to wait for nvidia to release a new driver (which could take any unknown time)? Also is time machine backup the only way to undo an update?
  9. madamax2

    High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    Ok, I managed to get the clover thing working now. but whenever I boot into MacOS, I get this popup. how to fix this problem?
  10. madamax2

    High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    oic. If we want to boot BIOS > GPT in clover we still choose to install the same settings like what you said for BIOS > MBR? ie. "You only need to install boot0xx in MBR, copy your EFI from usb to Clover partition, nothing different" What settings did you enable for the ENOCH 2908?
  11. madamax2

    High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    can you create some sort of file list/folders of your clover partition as a zip file and share the config.plist So I can look see what sort of files and settings I should have? === If we wanted clover to boot in BIOS > GPT Do we also choose same clover installation settings as BIOS > MBR === So the reason why BIOS > MBR method is need here is because Windows 10 will not let use boot BIOS > GPT Windows partition?
  12. madamax2

    High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    Yeah but if you don't select the right settings, it won't boot I have tried and it loads clover, but won't boot the MacOS. Here's all the options. Can you also share your Clover partition in a zip file?
  13. madamax2

    High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    What settings should I enable when installing clover to the CLOVER partition on the MBR hdd so that it can boot it?
  14. madamax2

    High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    Okay I managed to install the MacOS to my MBR hdd Disk2. I have succesfully booted it using the Disk 1 clover bootloader. I also created a clover partition on that MBR hdd Disk2. So I got this CLOVER (FAT32) | OSX (Journal) Now when I installed clover to that clover partition, what is the recommended settings so that I can boot the MBR hdd using that clover boot loader on Disk2, so that I no longer need my USB disk 1 to boot it? ==== You should add a note to help file about installing clover on Disk1 first, and what partition map to use MBR or GUID etc. It would solve people's problem of not being able to boot their Disk1 and not knowing why. ==== When you say clover can boot BIOS + GPT hdd, then why do people need to use this patch hack? I understand it is so they can install it to a MBR hdd, but why not just use the BIOS+GPT method?
  15. madamax2

    High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    I managed to create Disk 1 and Disk 2 following your explanation I created the disk1 and and disk2 using that script 13MBRinstallerMaker. But the problem is when I boot the disk1 USB flash drive on my laptop it saids: no operating system found. Do I need to install clover bootloader onto Disk1 so that it can boot Disk1? Do I need to create an EFI partition on Disk 1 and install clover bootloader onto it before it can boot Disk 1? Does disk 1 need to be GUID or MBR?