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  1. Hi Im KInda New To The OSx86 website But I Do Know Alot About OSX and how to install it on non apple hardware but I currently have a problem I have MacDRive So I can access my mac partition from windows xp mce I have 2 Partitions 1 Mac OS X86 and The Other WinXP MCE I boot into OSX86 by the way my computer has a AMD Athlon X2 TK-55 Processor ok back on topic I boot into osx86 and I get to the Login screen and i Login to the laptop then the desktop appers for a about 5 secounds and then the screen goes black with a error something about Ical crashed and then I turn It off. The Other Problem is My TouchPad Does Not Work In OS x. could someone please help me. P.s I did install it on a toshiba 120GB USB HDD with The boot loader and it worked fine I could do everything without any crashes. I also had to add sb600 driver kext to the dvd for it too see my internal hdd. -------------------Edit : I Solved It I'm Just Gonna Use My USB HDD For OSX86 Thanks Anyway
  2. I need some help finding drivers for an everex stepnote sa2053t running jas osx86 10.4.8. i found wifi drivers that work im looking for audio drivers everything else works network,usb,etc. I Figured It Out NeverMind!