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  1. iJet

    G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Thanks for replying. Also, do the graphics work fully? I mean, do you have QE and can you game on the mac side? Oh, and wifi, wireless, ethernet work right? Thanks, iJet
  2. iJet

    G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Sorry I do not have a solution to your problem but I wanted to ask what things are working on the g73sw (I mean the full list)? Should I get it? I was thinking of getting it to see how it works with lion but wanted to ask those already having one... Thanks, iJet
  3. I do not have that kind of laptop but from what I have read on a closer model, you should try disabling the ati card in bios (sorry I do not how you would have to do that), it might seem to solve your problem seeing that the error is coming for the ati card... hope I helped somehow, iJet