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  1. Asrock 775i 945GZ

    Hi, I have looked into the board BIOS and I can not see the setting for HT. Help. Any idea what it is under? It installed 10.4.6 and when it comes to reboot. It stopped at the initial Apple boot up screen. Any idea? Thanks!
  2. HI, I am new to this. Where can I find 10.4.8 please?
  3. 10.4.8 OSX ISO

    Hi, I am very new to this project. Can you please tell me where I can get my hand on a 10.4.8 ISO DVD please??? Thanks for your help.
  4. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Hello, I have the ATI XP1650 Pro. I do not know how to get the 'correct ID'. Please help. I am trying to run Final Cut Pro 5 on Asus p5wd2 extreme 10.4.6 Intel 805 Dual ATI XP1650 pro Thank you ps. I am NEW to this project and MAC.
  5. [HowTo] X1600/X1800 Full Support (Borisbadenov Method)

    How do I find the referece for the Product ID and Vendor ID? I have ATI X1650 Pro. Thanks!
  6. Help ... ! I am trying to get Final Cut Pro 5 to work but the the Quartz Extreme is not available. I am new this project. Asus p5wd2e-etreme ATI X1650 pro 10.4.6 There is an installer for X1650 but it is for 10.4.8. I don't have 10.4.8. I have 10.4.6. Is there a link I can get one? What is/are the fixes to get X1650 to work? Help! Thanks.
  7. HELP! I have 1.4.6 and my FCP 5 requires 'Quartz Extreme Support'. Then FCP won't load at all. Pentium 805 Asus p5wd2e-extreme 2 Gigs Ram Nvidia 7800 GTX I am NEW at this and I would like to get my FCP 5 to work. Do I need a new video card? Will ATI X1650 work? What do I need to do, hardware/software KEXT change to get FCP to work? Please help.....THANKS!