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  1. I didn't note down the version of FakeSMC but I can check when I am back home, and my shutdown/restart issue is not DSDT related (at least I think so) since I have my DSDT patched long time back and the same DSDT.aml worked in Lion/Mountain Lion/Maverick and Yosemite flawlessly.
  2. I have 6870 and sleep/wake worked right after I upgraded to El Capitan while the shutdown doesn't work (always restart instead of shutdown). I then upgraded FakeSMC and move all kexts from /S/L/E/ to Clover/kexts/Others/ this resolved my shutdown (rebooting) problem, but my sleep/wake had the problem described in this thread. I tried to revert back the FakeSMC which make sleep problem even wrose (restart right after wake). I suspect this problem might be related to something changed in FakeSMC, my older one is from Mountain Lion time which worked perfectly until El Capitan released. I don't really have time to try different versions of FakeSMC, but I just want to give my 0.02c that we might looked in the wrong direction before.
  3. I've had similar issue. It seems the clover bootloader failed (timed out) to generate a UUID for the system sometimes which took longer to boot and made system kind of unstable. I don't know the root cause of this, only 1/3 or less of boots will failed to generate the system UUID. My work around is to use a fixed system uuid instead of letting clover generate one. Not sure if your problem is the same.
  4. Doesn't work for me, the link your provided has the wrong DSDT which is for a dell system. I tried couple other in the thread, nothing works for me. Thanks
  5. there is no AppleHDA driver for surface pro. Maybe someone will patch it based on ALC280 codec, but it's not yet done. I've tried the fixed VoodooHDA from #knod but it seems for surface pro 2, and doesn't work on my surface pro.
  6. You are not alone. the Voodoo audio driver on surfaceosx is buggy.
  7. the version posted on Mar 10th has the same volume button problem as non-proximity version.
  8. @JahStories, I am a MSDN subscriber and got Windows 8.1 pro ISO off MSDN. For me the windows 8 key (surface pro key) never worked while installing windows 8.1 pro. If the key is from surface pro 2, it should work. :-). anyway, please pardon my off topic discussion. I've tried the new touch base driver with proximity support. It works much better than the non-proximity version for me. And they seemed also fixed a pressure sensitivity problem in driver as well. But the bugs I encountered are still there. Cannot double click to open text file in TextEdit, non working volume buttons, etc. Just FYI.
  9. @macspike The power cover looks promising, but, no backlight and the weight. It's no go for me. :-) @JahStories The surface pro windows license key is for windows 8, so it won't work on windows 8.1 (even it is pro) . You need to use a common pro license key to install then update the key to the surface pro key after installation or you need to install windows 8 and upgrade to windows 8.1. BTW, to reply my earlier problem of TextEdit issue. The Touch base driver is actually the cause, the problem is gone after I removed the aiDaemon launch service. There are still some other bugs in the touch base driver (volume button issue, etc..). I noticed that there is a new version of driver (proximity) on touch base site (Marth 10th) I will give that a try to see how it goes before I decide to buy a retail one or not.
  10. @ tyroiii You need to download windows 8 (instead of 8.1) and install with the original windows key. Then you can upgrade to windows 8.1 later without problem.
  11. (SurfacePro OS X 10.9.2) Thanks for the great guide from JahStories, I've got Mavericks 10.9.2 installed and almost everything is working fine except wifi/bluetooth, facetime/imessage and some other minor issues. One thing puzzled me is the TextEdit application. When I double-click on a text file or rtf file, the TextEdit won't open (nothing happens), but when I right click the text file, it shows the TextEdit at the top of Open With list with (Default) along side of it. And more puzzled is if I click on the TextEdit (Default) on right click->Open with menu, the TextEdit opens the file fine. I've tried following couple things but no luck so far. 1. clear/remove Preferences and Cache file of Finder under ~/Library 2. clear/remove LaunchServices plist from Prefereneces 3. Change the association of text file to other application (confirmed it works fine) and than switch back to TextEdit. 4. Removed KeyChains folder and restarted. 5. Create another user account and try. I've played with hackintosh from Snow leopard and never faced such a weird problem. In short, double-clicking a text file (or use "open abc.txt" in command line) won't open TextEdit. I saw some other guys from other forum had the similar issue but without resolution, not sure if anyone have any idea about this? BTW, if any one is picky about the SEVEN commas after "Intel HD Graphics 4000" in About This Mac window, you can adjust the buffer length from 0x1E to 0x17 for the model in graphic injection DSM method in the DSDT. (if you are not sure what I am talking about, just ignore this. :-)) Thanks FT Thanks