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  1. VGA onboard support QE/CI!

    make sure if you go that route that the board has a pci-e port for when you can't stand osx without qe/ci
  2. Windows XP won't install

    Get another copy of xp, the disc is probably bad, unless there is information you aren't giving us. Haven't heard of this problem yet.
  3. MythTV

    This would be all we needed is a working linux distro assuming the mainboard works as a standard one should so the nvidia drivers will work. It would be a perfect media center. We know it can play H.264 but does anyone know whether or not it has the processing power in software to do that? Or is it doing it through the gpu. Another little thought of mine that i know will never come to realization is an xbox emulator/ replacement os. Intel hardware with nvidia gpu, Definately not impossible but impossible enough for me to go after it. Maybe Caustik, the creator of the only xbox emulator could come up with something, that would be friggin sweet. Not to mention developement would be simple for the xbmc team, Imagine an xbox with 256mb memory for system alone and the gpu has 64mb? Monster, The xbox only has 64mb shared between mainboard and gpu.
  4. what is your opinion on gay people?

    To be honest with everybody, and i'm sure this will offend all the butthole-pirates, I would much rather see marijuana get legalized before {censored} marriage becomes a possibility. The fight for weed has been going on much longer than the fight for {censored} rights. If you want equality let me have you as my slave for a good 20-30 years and then i'll let you all get married. Everybody else wanting equality in this country has fought for it through blood and sweat. {censored} just march and whine in their high-pitched voices to get what they want. There are a few {censored} out there i don't mind, because they just live their damn lives and don't get involved with all this {censored}. From my experience, most {censored} i've met fighting for rights are more worried about getting people to feel sorry for them then changing the law.
  5. Fix for 10.4.8 audio

    jessbasl@wbcable.net please send me, i have the alc860 and can't get it to work
  6. New JaS DVD

    i asked if anyone would seed. I would have said something different like "hey, someone please {censored} and complain about something not related to what i'm talking about," I would have asked for your response, but until then please don't butt in. ass clown
  7. New JaS DVD

    stuck at 3.85gb, seeders please come back
  8. I've been reading up on some threads saying we can't use the new kernel because they stripped out legacy cpu features and only includes the core duo features. So if we have a core duo, would it be possible to edit out the tpm check in the kernel and boot up. If we could I think there might be a better chance to have all the new kexts working, hopefully including nvidia drivers.
  9. Some people are damn idiotic. All myzar was pointing out is that whether or not the you have the amd patch enabled on an intel system, it will behave exactly the same. There is no benefit from using a regular kernel with intel then the amd_enabled one
  10. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    then by all means, make us all a driver and share with us instead of bugging this guy, you can't try and make him feel bad by not releasing something he put together from scratch, excuse my english, but most of you people need to f*&k off and wait
  11. Will Apple Drop Mach?

    I don't think they would need to wait for osx 11, just because they switch kernels, it doesn't mean it won't be compatible with current software, its like saying wine can't work on linux cause there is no NT kernel. Bringing in a new kernel earlier rather than later will give them some good testing
  12. if they were smart, they would make a sweet knockoff of wine like transgaming does with winex or cedega, then people could run many applications natively from within osx
  13. it's odd how osx is quite unix based, yet the only gfx drivers for them are for intel and ati, when it comes to standard flavors of unix and linux, ati support and drivers suck ass compared to nvidias, so sad, nvidia should make drivers for us all just to {censored} apple and microsoft off at the same time
  14. I wish they would have kept classic, it would have been so easy to incorporate, i mean, basilisk II would fly on osx86
  15. Hacked OSx86 Updated to 10.4.3

    wow it looks like apple must have had a lot of faith in the new tpm scheme they came out with cause look how fast they got shut down, didn't happen last time