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  1. llmnmst

    H55M USB3 Reboot Problem

    After install the update, you should update "just" the chameleon RC 5 latest release and the driver that support the 10.6.7. maybe some caused by the kext. hope Your build goin more fine. Now the code, just recheck it. if it does there added, you may skip that. don't reinstall your build. it's wasting time.
  2. llmnmst

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi all, I'm Lmnmst. I'm Indonesian. I got here cos of Mac OSX installation get me lil confused, a lot of them supported here for open. now running 10.6.7 on ASUS P5KPL-CM, 8400 GS, 2GB DDR2; P7P55, i5. OS X was incredible awesome, just on my list to buy real Mac PRo. what was inside that, i wanna know. Thanks for the forum to gives me a chance to take a peek on it.
  3. llmnmst

    Hazard OS X 10.6.2 Only Boots in Safe Mode

    yeah, you need to find where it's hangin on. do -v (verbose) in the boot screen. You'll see after input that code, lines of OS X booting. when it was says kernel panic, look into the related kext that make panic. i have one problem once like this in Hazard 10.6.6i, after i update to 10.6.7. my problem was there is a panic caused by sleepenabler.kext on 10.6.6 and some unsupported kext for my machine. now, it's runnin smooth and roaring. Mattharrison92, maybe You should check what kext needed for your rig. take a close look on the motherboard specs and cpu instruction, also the HD 3650 kext.
  4. i think you must do the multiplier x32, kernel just don't support higher than that. hope that supports and we will wait the kernel update. I have one problem too on this underclock things. :cheers: