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  1. ATY_Init questions [6570M issues solved]

    avian, do you think you can post your modded kexts? I want to give them a try with my laptop. thanks
  2. [HELP] HP PAVILION DV7-6150EV I7 Hackintosh

    Your system is very similar to mine. I've got mine fully working minus QE/CI on my internal monitor with Lion.
  3. Tried everything......mobility radeon 6570

    almost all others with my same processor/chipset seem to have switchable graphics, but as far as I know, mine does not.
  4. Tried everything......mobility radeon 6570

    Ok...I can't seem to figure this one out. I've dumped my ATI.rom and bootloader gives me unsupported card message. QE/CI works flawlessly with external monitor, but nothing but a black screen on my internal monitor. I've got me EDID and modified /s/l/displays/overrides/717 If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate this.....it seems to use the 5000controller.kext Ubuntu sees this card as 5000 series as well PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_68C0&SUBSYS_159A103C&REV_00 thanks
  5. Well, I guess this is a step forward. I recently installed lion and found my ATI Mobility Radeon 6570 to be fully working on external monitor. Of course....I've only got black screen on my internal display. Has anyone found some kind of work around? Will the same method people are using for the 4000 series work? dsdt.rar
  6. Mobility Radeon 6570

    UPDATE.. just installed lion. Resolution and QE/CI work flawlessly on external monitor, but no LVDS...just black screen.
  7. Mobility Radeon 6570

    here's a dsdt and some linuxdump info. post back and let me know how it goes sorry, here's the dsdt. good luck linuxlspci.txt dsdt.rar
  8. Mobility Radeon 6570

    Anyone manage to get QE/CI on this card?
  9. wow....where to begin? I've been working on this system with no luck for months. It runs ok....sees my 8 gigs of ram and my i7 properly using 10.7.3 kernel from bridgehelper, but no matter what, I can't get QE/CI on my mobility radeon hd 6570 or audio with my idt audio codec. I've tried many methods with no luck. Hex edit, dev ids, pinconfig. any ideas? thanks in advance!