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  1. AMD Lion Kernel

    Any updates from the russian forum?
  2. AMD Lion Kernel

    What a shame . I have an AMD Phenom II x4 955, F10 model 4. q.q
  3. AMD Lion Kernel

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6AcTpc-i2w Can some1 explain?
  4. AMD Lion Kernel

    I`m on for it.
  5. What OSX can I use on my PC?

    Okay. So firstly, i did read some guides. On iATKOS forum s3 v2 is for AMD too. But I don't know what kernels to select.
  6. Can i use Lion on this PC? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello. What OSX can I use on my PC? I used to have an Intel -based PC so iAtkos all the way, but now i am a newbie in AMD hackintosh and Windows is giving me a bad time. Will give kudos. A tutorial of the installation will be useful. SPECS: