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    Help with Asus 5553 Phenom

    Hi all, I have an acer 5553 with a N930 Phenom Quad-Core priocessor, 4gb DDR3 Memory also has an ATI Radeon gpx, not sure exact on model at the moment? I suppose firstly I have 2 questions 1) What is the most up-to-date osxinstall-dvd? I have tried iATKOS v7 and managed to get it to goto the "press blue button to continue" screen, however my synaptics mouse is not working so cannot continue even though looking at the log, it recognises is as a synaptics touchpad. 2) By creating a hackintosh are we actually using the full potential of mac or just creating a kind of Virtual machine? I suppose what i'm saying is, with the above specs would this perform like a core2duo macbook with 4gb ram or not? Thanks for your patience and if anyone wants to help me I can supply an msn, yahoo or connect to some irc channel to make things easier. Thanks
  2. shr3k89

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi, My names James, I'm 21 from England Currently looking at installing MacOsx on a quad core amd phenom laptop! Should be fun...