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  1. Clover General discussion

    I have a question. My set up is UEFI / Clover .1120 First SSD (GPT) EFI 200MB / MLion / Recovery HD Second SSD (GPT) EFI(System reserved) 200MB / OEM serviced 128MB / Windows 7 If I boot Clover from my first SSD EFI, with refit.conf options hidevolumes recovery legacy I can see four Entry "Boot UEFI boot menu from" : boot to Clover reload. "Boot OSX from MLion" : boot to Mountain Lion "Boot Microsoft EFI boot menu from" : boot to windows 7 "Boot UEFI boot menu from" : boot to windows 7 Entry 3 & 4 has same boot result. Just a question, How i set "DefaultBootVolume" in config.plist boot to entry 3 or 4? I set DefaultBootVolume like this <key>DefaultBootVolume</key> <string>Win7x64</string> but it can't work. 'cause entry 3&4 have no Volume Name. Thanks for your reply!!