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  1. Sorry dude. I didn't know they had turned it off default in SL (never even used that preference before or where it was) and was simply making an inquiry about why it was doing this. thanks
  2. Where is it enabled? I saw the preference to minimize to dock icon. I can minimize by using Command M; it's just double clicking the title bar that has no effect. Anyone know if WindowShade works with Snow Leopard and hackintoshes? I don't know why Apple stopped using collapsible windows anyway and opted for minimizing to dock.
  3. Everything is still running awesomely here. Only "glitch" I have seen so far is that I can't minimize any window to the dock my doubling clicking the title bar. Any ideas on why?
  4. Just did the build. Works absolutely perfect! A lot better than my hackintosh build 3 years ago. thanks Stella and crew! One question... will raid 0 work on the jmicron ports? I'd love to set up two raided raptors to use as a scratch disk for Photoshop.
  5. Forgive if this has been covered but the search function leaves a lot to be desired in this forum. How do you permanently change the kernal without have to load it every time you restart? I installed Kalyway with the kaby kernal but the vanilla kernal is working out better for me as far as stability etc. Can anyone point me to directions to change these kernals permanently? many thanks Anybody have spinning beach balls when trying to run the new screensavers such as Arabesque? It consistently causes my machine to freeze up. Also I have read there might be problems with running 4 gigs or more of ram? I have 8 gigs. Another member mentioned having to use AHCI which I am. Can anyone shed more light on this?
  6. Apophis

    Easy Step-by-Step: Mac OS X Leopard on a PC

    Hi there, Just tried to install this twice to no avail. I have a Tiger install that is working. Board is a Asus P5W Deluxe. I booted from the Kalyway 10.52 DVD and installed the first time to a GUID Partition and the second time to a MBR. Both times when installation was completed the machine booted back into Tiger. When I open up Startup Disk the disk I installed Leopard on would not show up. Basically it's not recognizing it as a bootable drive. Any ideas? thanks
  7. Anyone ever experience problems with using key commands with itunes. Somewhere along the line I have lost the ability. For example, I can no longer do Command I to get info in a songlist or use Delete to remove a song. I have to use right click to access these commands. Using itunes 7.5 right now but it has been like this for a lot of the 7.xxx updates as far as I can remember, but it did work at one point.
  8. Apophis

    Leopard Perfect Install

    Has anyone tried this method on a Asus P5W DH Deluxe? thanks
  9. Apophis

    Just How Much Smarter is Leopard?

    Windows XP has done this for years already so I don't know if Leopard is any smarter. It's just pulling from your logs like has been said.
  10. Apophis

    Compiling AppleSMBIOS.kext

    I was trying to install Missing Sync for Palm but it's installer would let me saying I need at least 10.49 or above; I actually have 10.4.10 and the latest AppleSMBIOS! I then just used Pacifist and it forced the install and MS now works perfect. Handy app.
  11. Really? I can't get the jmicron to work reliably. I can get ide and sata drives to mount but I get random kernal panics so I have to disable it.
  12. Awesome. THe AppleSMBios was the problem here too! Replaced it with the attached and the volume version works like a charm, no unexpectant quits when starting CS3 apps. How on earth did you figure that out and what is AppleSMBios anyway? thanks a million.
  13. Apophis

    Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Thread

    Can someone tell me what files the "Jmicron Sata/ide fix" alters? I tried this on my Asus board and didn't seem to do anything and wanted to revert any kexts etc that were altered. thanks!
  14. Hi, What exact files does this Jmicron patch change? Just wanted to know what files to revert if something goes wrong. thanks!
  15. ooops You are right. It was a GS on both counts. thanks yet again diaboliK!