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  1. did you get to the bottom of this? I'm having the exact same problem!
  2. ATI FirePro V4800 Workstation Video Card

    Just thought I'd post an update to this since the latest changes to Chameleon/Chimera now includes Kabyl ATI support, meaning the ATI injection/kext and ATY_Init is no longer necessary. Hence for new installations, steps 5 onwards are no longer accurate. You might need to the specify card framebuffer in some circumstances though - identify the codename as above, then you just pass AtiConfig=<codename> at boot time (or in boot plist).
  3. OSX on HP Z600

    I have a more recent Z600 (with E5607 CPUs)... for the install, I needed to remove memory to leave 4G, use a JMicron SATA controller and make the following changes to BIOS: Storage->Options->SATA Emulation = RAID+AHCI Storage->Boot Order->Embedded Ethernet Controller = Disable Security->Network Service Boot = Disable Advanced->Processors->Active Cores = 1 Core Advanced->Device Options->S5 Wake on Lan = Disable Advanced->Device Options->SATA RAID Option ROM download = Disable After the install was complete, remove the JMicron and make the following changes to BIOS: Advanced->Processors->Active Cores = All Cores. Advanced->Device Options->SATA RAID Option ROM download = Enable HTHs!