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  1. Alextm

    Target Disk Mode DVD

    I am not an OSx86 hacker, but target disk mode is in the firmware for a mac (and possibly the firewire chipset itself) to allow the hard disk functionality. It only had any respect to the os on old ppc hardware.
  2. Alextm

    Automount ext partition in OS X

    Try running the dev version {http://downloads.sourceforge.net/ext2fsx/Ext2FS_1.4d4.dmg?modtime=1165164591&big_mirror=0} as it automounts at least on my machine. 10.5 MBP
  3. At current count i have seven. One of which held Linux until i overwrote it for my Snow Leopard Install
  4. i don't know why ubuntu wont boot from the cd. try re downloading it. as to booting holding down "alt" it will not show a partition without an os. -- I currently have an ubuntu 7.10 install on my powerbook with leopard
  5. Alextm

    What do you use Automator for?

    passing hidden files to rm -r and mounting/ejecting disk image for games