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    New! Pandora's Box Beta is Out

    Honestly , this "Pandora's Box" USB Stick /DVD "installer maker" utility is the best "Installer Maker" if compared with another Installer Maker Utility out there. I tried this tools with my USB stick and External HDD with NO FAIL and Installer run smooth till the end without any KP Thanks Micky1979 and InsanelyMac Staff
  2. sapikere

    GTS 250 Black Problem

    we have the same gpu card .. mine works with no problem under 10.6 - 10.7.3 everything apps works smootchies. Just install latest chameleon bootloader .. put "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" in org.chameleon.Boot.plist .. that all .. U should disable Integrated onboard intel GPU by your motherboard bioses
  3. sapikere

    Nvidia GTS 250 1GB random freezes

    I dont have any problem with my 250 GTS on Lion.2 everything works smooth with CUDA enable. - Just removed any Nvidia Injectors install official nvidia quadro driver and CUDA driver from the Nvidia website ( Optional if you wanted Enabling Cuda's accelerator ) - Install latest Chameleon Bootloader with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" at org.chameleon.Boot.plist in Extra folder Currentely it's the best method you can do, to let chameleon emulate NvidiaROM thru the Nvidia kexts driver with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" without more adding key string like "USE Nvidia ROM" were only works with Nvidia or ATI GPU Mac Edition
  4. sapikere

    HOWTO: Configure ASUS ATI 6790?!?!?!?

  5. sapikere

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    chimitron talked not about 6950/6970 also, but about 6790. To bad snow even lion does not support for 6790 yet, I'll change mine ( 6790 ) to another support card