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  1. GA-G41MT-D3V

    send_me.zip Hi please see attached sendme.zip file. Thanks in advance for your help. scott
  2. GA-G41MT-D3V

    Hi, Looked on the list for the DSDT autopatcher and my motherboard is not on the list. Could someone please help me with a DSDT for this board. Planning to use onboard audio and graphics. Thanks in Advance. Scott
  3. OSX on Toshiba T130 Help.

    Hi, im not sure why you are getting the kext panic now. If you look at post 2 earlier in this blog, someone did mention that the graphics GMA4500 are not fully compatible and that may be where the kernel panic is coing from. Going to be a case of trial and error i think. ill let you know how i get on.
  4. OSX on Toshiba T130 Help.

    Hi, Great you got it working. Going to try it myself now. Can you tell me the installation steps you did and any Software/Kexts that you used. Thanks.
  5. OSX on Toshiba T130 Help.

    Hi, Sorry not posted back been on holidays. I had the same Kernel panicon my desktop when i installed leopard on there. Its A Panic with VoodooHDA.kext which controlls your audio. I got around this by going into system/libary/extensions and deleting voodoo.HDA.kext. repair perimssions and reboot and you should be able to boot back into leopard.
  6. OSX on Toshiba T130 Help.

    Hi Guys Ive looked all over the net to see if anyone has installed snow leopard on a toshiba T130. i cant find anything nor can i find it in any compatibility lists. Does anyone know if it will work with iatkos s3v2? My Specs are below any help would be much appreciated. Processor type : Intel® Pentium® Processor SU2700 clock speed : 1.30 GHz Front Side Bus : 800 MHz 2nd level cache : 2 MB 4 GB DDR3 RAM Graphics adaptor manufacturer : Intel® type : Mobile Intel® GMA 4500M Networking - Wireless N, bluetooth,