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  1. macgirl: lo he probado y no me funciona En Internacional, tengo seleccionado el Teclado ISO Español pero al intentar cambir el tipo de Teclado desde el pantallazo que pusiste... NO me sale el botón de cambiar el tipo de teclado ¿?
  2. [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    I got a Minitar USB wifi stick and it has newer Zydas ZD1211 drivers (version Here are the fixes from extracted from the release notes: * Driver: - Bug Fix: Can not parse 802.11 element correctly when accumulated length of all elements in the received management frame. Utility: - Nothing changed. * Driver: - The driver did not change in this release. Utility: - Fix the following bug: The WLan utility consumed too much CPU resource. * Driver: - 1. Fix the following bug: The wireless network card is unable to work again after system restart (for Intel-based system) - 2. Fix the following bug: The wireless network card is unable to work again after system resume from sleep state. (for Intel-based system) Utility: - Fix the following bug: The wireless network card can't associate with an Access Point which with a hidden SSID. ZDA1211MacUSB_install_4_5_10_0.zip
  3. Thanks for this tutorial! I had Windows Vista 32bit in 1st partition and Leopard on the 2nd one. I got leopard installed on a P5B board (damn jmicron...). All worked except GeForce 8600GT (I removed the natit/titan, can't remember now). But... when I installed PC_EFI v6 and reboot the PC the boot was {censored}ed up. It couldn't find an available OS, and I had to reinstall Vista. Anyone could help me with a tutorial to install PC_EFI with leopard installed in the 2nd partition using this method? Thanks in advance.
  4. Darwine - wine 0.9.42

    Yep no problem. To solve the audio problem, add this to user.reg: [Software\\Wine\\Drivers] 1184448304 "Audio"="coreaudio" To change the colors to be more lighter (not too much grey) you should add this: [Control Panel\\Colors] 1184448304 "ActiveBorder"="228 228 228" "ButtonFace"="228 228 228" "ButtonLight"="228 228 228" "InactiveBorder"="228 228 228" "Menu"="228 228 228" I added other lines because I thought them to be useful, but I believe with these modifications you will improve your version of darwine
  5. Darwine - wine 0.9.42

    Thanks for posting this updated version! The only thing that doesn't recognize me here is the sound card... other than this is superb! EDIT: Now I have the sound working! I've also changed the colors the same way as crossover (better with the aqua look). Here is the modified user.reg. You can overwrite it in $HOME/.wine/user.reg user.reg.zip
  6. "About This Mac" for AMD solution?

    Same problem here! Could u please help me? R0GUE: I have an almost identical computer configuration here.
  7. Installed uphuck 1.3 in a AMD Athlon 64 without SSE3 using universal kernel 3 an all is ok except the sound card. Great because it installed my nVidia GeForce 7600GS AGP with QE/CI!! The audio card is a AD1980 inside the Asus K8V-SE. I needed to modify AppleAC97CodecAD198x.kext to insert ADS70. I also got Cool'n'Quiet working, but the animation slows down and when playing a song is jerky... With this improved I'll switch to hackintosh. I feel the system faster than 10.4.8 with semthex 8.8.1 kernel. Great job uphuck!!! Sorry for my english ;p
  8. Sound going to fast

    Take a look at this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=41480 The same happened to me, and it seems it's because an incorrect frequency is set in audio preferences.
  9. Koh-i-Noor: I had the same problem with the onboard ac97 sound card. I fixed this way: Go to Applications -- Utilities -- MIDI Audio Configuration (or something like that, sorry, I have spanish language selected). There try to change the Frequency in Audio Output to 48000. Also try to select the correct default audio output in the comboboxes (in my case, AC97 Audio (PCM)) I hope this works for you