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  1. I'm trying to get Leopard to work on my PC and am experiencing the samr problem. Darwin bootloader loads and seems to start the loading process but the screen goes black and the system reboots before anything shows. It's a constant reboot cycle that never ends. I tried searching but never did find an answer after reading many threads. I had 10.4.8 working for awhile until oneday it started to do the same thing and just formatted the HD I had it installed on but now I want to re-install MacOS again. My PC specs are in my signature if that helps, I have 4 hard drives in total 2 SATA, 1 IDE hooked to an IT821x interface and an external USB HD. I want to install MacOS on SATA #2 there are 2 partitions the HFS and a FAT32 partition I use for random files. Hope this info helps. DaJinx
  2. The most secure browser?

    Opera is my choice no matter what OS I'm on.
  3. Do you like vista?

    I tried it and gave it a fair shot for about a month but in the end wiped it and went back to XP. I don't use Windows a whole lot, mostly use Linux & OS X but still like to keep a small 10 GB Windows partition. I guess I just prefer XP, I don't need all the eye candy of Vista, XP works fine for me. Jinx
  4. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...l=mouse+tearing
  5. need to restart computer JaS 10.4.8

    What installation patches did you guys select to install? I had this problem initially but selecting only the patches needed for my box fixed my issues.
  6. The Asus P5LD2-VM How-To Guide

    Still some of us use those ITE 821x interfaces, so it would be benefitial to all if those ports could be used as well. AFAIK there is no driver for them in Mac so we are SOL, lol!
  7. Poll about Torrent Clients

    For Mac it's Bits On Wheels under Linux it's Utorrent.
  8. Windows is better than OS X?

    Just about every site I visit with content relating to OS has this question and the simple answer is it all depends on the user. Most PC users are oblivious to the fact there is something better and more secure out there so they just use Windows, People who are more tech savvy or professionals use unix based OS. I myself have used Linux exclusively for about 4 years, I just got fed up of getting a virus or spyware infection everytime I turned on my PC. I've had OS X installed for less then a month and already I spent more time with it then I do my Linux installation, it's addictive, I have a small partition with Vista but never use it, just wanted to see what all the hype was about, it will most likely get wiped once I get a free moment to do so. So my vote goes to OS X just for the fact that no OS is 100% secure but OS X is alot more secure then Windows.
  9. Your Next Computer

    Definately gonna try a real Mac next time my PC is still fairly new so maybe after the next OS is released.
  10. I had this problem and to get rid of it you only select and install the packages you need for your computer, in my case I selected everything at first and got that annoying error on reboot, started over again and it worked.
  11. Pretty plain but I like things simple...
  12. The Ultimate Web Browser

    Opera, I use it on Linux, Mac & Vista and it truly is THE best browser available right now.
  13. JaS ppfv1?

    You can try Demonoid.
  14. Ite 8211/8212 Driver

    Really interested in getting these drivers working for Mac as it can't recognize HD#3 that's connected to an ITE 8211 interface.
  15. ATI mouse tearing - a new and better solution

    Thanks for posting this great fix dude..