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  1. I have a legit copy of SnowLeopard installed on my HP Mini 1000. Everything works except for the sleep.. (oh and volume controls but thats not too big of a deal) When I put it to sleep it makes a quick 'static' sound in the speakers and then freezes completely. I've let it sit for a long while to let it catch up but nothing.. Any fixes for this???

    I've tried everything to get this sucker to work and no dice. I installed iDeneb 1.3 via disk (as it wouldnt let me create a bootable USB because of a checksum error??) it installed just fine. I got to the point where i have to do the loop fix.. but when I do.. it just freezes and doesnt let me type anything after I type "-s" Somebody told me to use netbookinstaller. so I downloaded that but when I run it, it only lets me pick THIS HDD.. like the one on the imac Im using.. I dont want to do that.. Would it boot up if I just installed my retail copy of snow leopard?? somebody plz help this is frustrating! thanks!
  3. Update: I decided to erase the HDD and re-install.. this time I managed to hit the right combination of tab+space to get to the patches.. I checked all the right ones and then installed It still was doing the same thing. so I figured I'd try the loop fix... I hit enter after the countdown, and typed -s some stuff scrolled by and then it stopped but it wont let me type anything more. it stopped at MAC Framework successfully initialized using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers and it just stopped... so now what?!
  4. Okay so I've gone through a TON of video and forum guides to make sure I knew what I was getting into and made sure to follow them to a "T" I have an HP Mini 1000 (1151NR) using iDeneb v1.3 (i think its osx 10.5.5?) I burned the .iso and ran it via USB drive yadda yadda that all worked when I got to the part where I had to select the patches: Chipsets and check ICHx Fixed.. Fix and check FireWire Remove Video/Intel. Finally, check the box for GMA950 to install when initially installing OSX, I couldnt click the "customize" button because the resolution wouldnt let me click on it.. is there a way to change the reso. so I can see the entire window?? so I managed to hit tab a couple times and enter and it began installing.. cool fully installed and rebooted. It rebooted, but it just brings up the apple logo and sits there... is this what they are referring to as the "loop freeze" that I need to do the fix for? if not how do I get past this? I let it sit for about 45 mins and it just sat on the apple logo.. Would it have to do with the fact I DIDNT select those patches?? I cant find any issues from this.. so yeah.. fix reso, get passed apple logo.. thanks!!