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  1. graphics kext not loading

    First f all... how you came to the result that your graphic card "kext" is not loading!!! And please will be kind if you explain your problem in a lil brief!!!
  2. Help installing OS X (new user)

    use iatkos V3 dvd and dont select sleep enabler in costomization... after installation update to 10.6.7 with combo update. n update your nvidia drivers with nvidia updater. works like charm!! u can even enjoy dual screen on your GTX!!!
  3. Hi to all you insane Macers, I own this old mobo GA-G41M-Combo 4GB Corsair DDR3 ram Intel Quad Core Q8300 CPU 1TB hitachi HDD 1GB Nvidia Geforce N210 Graphic Card I started installation with leopard retail DVD but did'n succeed due to kernel panics and then tried iAtkos V3 DVD and... viola!!!! works out of the box!!! Some notes.. Network: working with athros kext Sound: Only stereo out with appleziliacodec kext. (Need help for this) its VIA VT1708s Graphics: working like a charm!! even dual screen!! no need any patching!! just customize it to enable nvidia graphics HELP! need to activate 5.1 audio on via vt1708s did so much but faild. Overall its 7/10 rated installation. replay if you need any drivers or support.
  4. VIA VT1708S 5.1 in 10.6

    Hi mate! Could you please help me to get 5.1 working on my VIA 1708s sound chip!!! i own gigabyte gag41 m combo mobo and SL 10.6.7 installed (Fully working) using appleazilia kext to get stereo output only... PLZ... PLZ....