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  1. Hackintosh with this AMD build Possible?

    I have same cpu. I had a horrendous time getting it stable but finally did. 1st you will need Nawcoms boot cd and if you can't find that. I believe use the bootflag "busratio=25" I can double check once i get home and can try to help you but I don't have identical hardware
  2. It appears windows overwrote your bootloader try a boot cd to get back in to your mac partition and reinstall whatever bootloader you used. ACPI error is non recognized hard drive controller on the DVD u used.
  3. 2 different kp hp probook 4530s

    Installer was bad. Followed USB tutorial couple posts down. Installed added Fakesmc and nullcpu. booted with UseKernelCache=no and voila...
  4. Tried to get Mountain Lion working on my hp probook 4530s. I have a fully working lion install trying to install mountain lion I cannot get to the installer. I tried reading through these forums and saw i needed Fakesmc.kext in the installer. Going to try above guide tomorrow unless someone can help me out. I am seeing i need nullcpupowermanagement.kext to avoid the intelpowermanagement kp. but what about the other kernel panic?
  5. Which hard drive are you trying to install to the IDe or sata? That could be your problem. Also I see you have it set as RAID in Bios is it also set to AHCI?
  6. It took me forever to get SL to work on my AMD finally was able to get VMware installed and cloned to another drive to boot natively. You need to find out your busratio to get it to actually boot. AMD Phenom x6 1055t MSI 880GMe43 busratio=25.
  7. How to find Ide drive controller

    Muchas Gracias Gringo that's twice your Googling (and Hackintosh skills) far exceeded mine. Your the man. Trying a dif. distro on a dif partition right now. Will test out later but coming from you I know it's the right answer. Have a great night
  8. How to find Ide drive controller

    ATI as far as I can tell EL456AA Introduction date 08-Jan-2006 Country/region sold in: US Canada Bundle informationThe a1328x-b desktop PC bundle (part number EL457AA) includes: a1328x Desktop PC, part number EL456AA vs17 17" TFT LCD flat panel monitor with integrated speakers HardwareBase processor Pentium4 524 (P) HT 3.06 GHz 533 MHz front side bus Socket 775 Chipset ATI Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel Processors Motherboard Manufacturer: Asus Motherboard Name: P5RC-LA HP/Compaq motherboard name: Agena-GL8E ATI RADEON Xpress 200P (RS400/RC400/RC410/RXC410/RC415/RD400/RD500-200) + SB450 From HWINFO
  9. Thanks to anyone who is offering assistance tonight. I have inherited a Hp Pavillion a1328x pentium 4 I have an Nvidia 6600 installed. My problem is I have 10.5.1 installed via Kalyway and It works(QE.CI) but just slow. I had a backup copy of my amd 10.6.8 install and plugged it in via USB and it booted and is actually working good with the exception I cannot see my hard drives. I can boot into 10.5.1 10.5.8 (via USB HD) or Win7. NO info on HWInfo that I can see as to my hard drive controller. Please help me figure out which controller so i can restore 10.6.8 image to the hard drive. I am assuming it is the applegenericata.kext but just wanting to make sure before restore. Again thanks for looking
  10. Sometimes i had to add --force when installing grub. Have you tried super grub boot disc http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/
  11. GMA4500HD Native Resolution Any ideas?

    Thanks you answered my question in that post. thanks for taking the time to search for me, I looked in wrong section Noob..
  12. Great community tons of info. We it finally took I think i hackintoshed 3 or 4 computers lying around my house. My issue is as the title states. Intel gma4500hd In Snow leopard i used Deviatos method and achieved optimum 1600x900. Any body have any luck with resolution? Lion install on Dell studio 1745 (specs in sign.)
  13. My solution may not be the right one but I have a dell laptop and i can tell you how i did it. 1. Hazard has its own bootloader no need for the others. 2. Boot up Hazard and partition hard drive GUID and however many partitions you want. 3. Reboot put Windows cd in and install on first partition. 4. reboot put hazard back in and install on 2nd partition. 5. Chameleon should take over at this point 6. Work on getting kexts working 7. Install ubuntu or win 8 or whatever. Sometimes after installing new OS, MBR inside windows partition get corrupted. 8. Google gptsync to fix mbr on guid. thru live gnu/linux cd hope it helps
  14. Reboot error post install (iATKOS)

    I wish it was that easy to upgrade but you need to research your hardware. get a good dsdt. And research each update w/ your hardware to make sure the system doesn't break. Good luck. Been working on Lion for a couple weeks still no luck. who knows how many installs to get to 10.6.8..research the forums tons of info
  15. Reboot error post install (iATKOS)

    Noob also but if you just copied them into E/E start up -rm -f -v.. Side not i have dell studio 1745 and my camera was never noticed as long as i had a bootcd in it but without it worked fine. Hope it helps