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  1. So I've been gleeming alot from these forums over the past few days, weeks, so I thought I'd give alittle back. Get everything I used in one central location for all the Inspiron 6k users out there. (And I know there are a few.) Start things off, Specs. CPU: 1.6Mhz RAM: 1GB 533MHz FSB HD: 40GB SATA CD/DVD: Sony DVD+/-RW Video: ATI Mobility x300 128MB (5460 id code per MacOSX) Image Used: Started with the 10.4.4 image found at the normal locations. Upgraded with "The Man's" patch to 10.4.5 Loaded image with all options unchecked, leaving only "tweaks" and Basic installation. No print drivers, language files, etc. . . (No need for them, so I really didn't want to bother.) After the first boot, I loaded Koverg's ATI driver hack. Topic can be found here: ATI Works With that hack I have full QE and CI support. Some mouse tearing of course, but, ah well, it's a Hakintosh, I'll live with it. I tried using the Mousepose workaround, but that only caused me more problems. After I loaded the display hack, I modded the com.apple.Boot.plist file to include the resolution I wanted. You can find that file under /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration Edit using: sudo nano -w and add <string>"Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32"</string> just after the Kernal Flags line. I also loaded this mod as well. Hard Drive Speed I did not do the 2nd part of the post where he suggests using the IOATA file from the Darwin CD as I didn't see any slowdowns after multiple reboots and running a kextstat I see the driver loaded. (Just for the record, on my system, the directions state to remove or rename the original kext file. That didn't exist on my system, so for me it was a fresh install of this kext.) After loading both mods, I suggest running the following commands: sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions I did this after doing both mods to make sure both kext files were loaded prior to rebooting. Rebooted. Back in, running at 1280x1024x32 and with full QE and CI support! I also have Sound, with full use of the volume controls on the front of the laptop, networking with the wired port. Things that obviously don't work, Wireless. Maybe this is no help to anyone, but I struggled to find these things so I thought this might be a good clearing house for any 6000 users out there. Just for grins, my XBench Scores: 48.72 So, if this helped anyone, great! If not, well, I tried. Jacob Marley