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  1. sfguy1980

    Still waiting for root device problem

    Set your DVD/CD drive jumper pin from CS to MASTER that should do the trick!
  2. sfguy1980

    10.5.6 "still waiting for root device"

    Answer is set your DVD Device's jumper switch to MASTER.... and no still waiting for root device will happen again
  3. sfguy1980

    Shutdown issue - ideneb 10.5.8

    I believe your problem is somehow connected to that power issue evreyone is talking about you need to patch it, also check power options on your os X.
  4. sfguy1980

    TimeMachine fails backup

    I resolved this problem of failed backups by updating to 10.5.8 thru software update and reinstalling cameleon bootloader...
  5. sfguy1980

    10.5.7 Kernel Panic w/ Fresh Install iatkos

    I have exact problem it is not only while downloading it's connected to creating files over 1.3 Gb that is the trigger that makes it pop the kernel panic..
  6. I am using 10.5.8 version of os X installed using iatkos v7 10.5.7 and updated by software update to 10.5.8 I installed final cut pro 7 looks like everything works but when i convert, transcode or in any way create file over 1.3Gb i get kernel panic. Any thoughts?!
  7. sfguy1980

    Updating from 10.5.7 ( iATKOS V7)

    did you do it? does it work?
  8. sfguy1980

    Need Help installing OSX

    get iatkos v7 boot it with -v cpus=1 maxmem=2048 busratio=20 select cameleon v2 ATI enabler ATI chipset wireless atheros wired realtek (do not have exact settings but hopefully it will help) Voodoo Ps2 keyboard and mouse and if it doesnt go well make a ss and poste it ...
  9. sfguy1980

    ACPI and nForce4 problem

    Try iatkos v7 boot it with -v -x cpus=1 maxmem=2048
  10. sfguy1980

    installing iatkos v7

    Could anyone help me get the wright settings on installation of iatkos v7 10.5.7 i managed to install it but audio, network and video drivers do not work. my system is: cpu: AMD PHENOM x4 9650 2.3 ram: 4gb 667 gpu: NVIDIA® GeForce 7025 chipset: nForce 630a network: Realtek PHY RTL8201EL / 8201CL HD Audio (Realtek ALC662 / VIA® VT1708S / VT1705 Audio Codec) thanx in advance! NVM nailed it got everything working if anyone needs help about this configuration contact me...