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  1. Ok so I am only 13 don't think im an idiot I passed test one and test two. So I am looking at buying this stuffs listed in the picture, but as I am only 13 I have an extremely limited budget . Ok one of the things you'll notice is I am missing things xD like a harddrive, optical drive, & case but i am aware of this lol I intend to use stuff I already have (again extreme budget). So I am making sure that everything is 100% compatible (or as close to it as an intel pc running mountain lion can be xD). If you have any ideas I am open to money raising ideas lol. I wish i could use my existing amd build..... but it is amd (with a pain in the but for os x gtx 570) *sigh* last year I only cared about windows . So if you have any suggestions on how to help raise money for my project quicker I'm open (my budget right now is $60 a month on a debit card). So will this all be compatible for mountain lion? Untitled by LegacyLens[/url
  2. Mac Repair Parts in an Hp

    Ok thanks!!
  3. Mac Repair Parts in an Hp

    Ok so I just ordered a original apple airport wireless card to go in my laptop, then I found out I have a whitelisted bios xD. But there was a non-whitelisted bios for download (which worked). So as soon as this part gets here I can, in theory, plug it in (mini pci-e to mini pcie-e). and it should have complete compatibility with OS X right? Link to part http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00579K5J0/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1