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    Clover Themes

    clover theme manger not working giving me this error on Mac OS 10.13.2 The remote Clover Theme repository is not responding. This app cannot continue and will exit when you close this dialog box.
  2. have my temps problem solved after replacing FakeSMC with silce branch still cant have my sleep working.here is latest file hope you will help me to have my sleep working CLOVER Faradis’s iMac_last.ioreg.zip Send me Faradis’s iMac.zip
  3. PC goes to sleep and then instantly awakes up but screen stays blank and ultimately it restars
  4. have you able to check my clover folder.?? i have replaced clover folder with your one provided in OP do i have all the needed kexts?? Sleep fails also getting high Cpu temps thanks you for your support Faradis’s iMac_DSDT_02.ioreg.zip
  5. no I don't have thunderbolt but I have USB Type-A + Type-C maybe these reported as thunderbolt Faradis’s iMac_new.ioreg.zip
  6. @MaLd0n Here is the file that you have asked for DSDT hope you will help me. my hardware config in signature and its up to date and its for my desktop I can't upload all files so I have give you my clover folder with my google drive sorry for that. CLOVER.zip Send me Faradis’s iMac.zip Faradis’s iMac.ioreg.zip
  7. Faradis

    Clover General discussion

    I just solved my problem with EasyUEFI. Thanks guys
  8. Faradis

    Clover General discussion

    Tried both but still that doesn't help me and still i cant boot to OSX without the installer USB also try formatting the ESP drive and copy from EFI back-up from OS drive.this also doesn't help i am out of idea. Anyone pls help me
  9. Faradis

    Clover General discussion

    my clover was already installed on ESP of my boot-able drive i don't how to add boot entry through EFI shell can any one help me. Now my Bios directly boot to windows and in my bios it only shows me the windows boot manager as an option
  10. Faradis

    Clover General discussion

    i already had clover boot loader installed on my system but after doing a bios reset my UEFI bios is keep failing to detect my clover boot loader is i already tried to reinstall my boot loader after booting to OSX using my installer usb stick but its still not showing up in my bios i am not able boot to OSX without the usb stick how can i solve this problem pls someone help me.........
  11. @MaLd0n i got DSDT and clover config from you for Sirrea will that be enough for installing HS on my system my hardware info is in my signeture and its up to date
  12. @MaLd0nmy mac goes to sleep fine but fails to wake up how can i debug that is there any way to find out which component is the main culprit for not coming back from sleep i am using clover folder provided by you
  13. @MaLd0n [IGPU] Will fallback to host-side scheduling if graphics firmware fails to load [IGPU] Chose to use graphics firmware based on platform [IGPU] **************************************************************************** [IGPU] Failed to initialize graphics firmware. Falling back to host-side scheduling [IGPU] Scheduler interface revision = 1: Default EL Scheduler [IGPU] **************************************************************************** [IGPU] Graphics accelerator is using scheduler interface revision 1: Default EL Scheduler [IGPU] Scheduler: Multiple channel indexes per command streamer [IGPU] Scheduler: Process CSB using HWS. [IGPU] Scheduler: PM notify enabled [IGPU] Graphics Address: PPGTT, Separate Address Space [IGPU] MultiForceWake Enabled: Using 3D Driver [IGPU] Scheduler Throttle Cap = 100ms How to solve this ​also I have some ACPI error in my verbose log.how to solve those. here is the both picture