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  1. Broken iMac 24" alu - Mod with new mobo?

    I have an old Macbook (white) with SSD that i'm thinking to "convert" to a iMac mobo but it's quite hard to find pinout for the LVDS connectors :S And maybe it's a good idea to read about LVDS before creating my own adapter cable, the risk for burning the screen isn't something i wanna' do
  2. Hi all! Love all the threads in this forum section and now i'm thinking of modding my fried iMac 24" alu with broken logic board. Do you think it will be possible to find a small mother board with LVDS connector that will work with the iMac 24" lcd? It would be nice if i could fit a i5/i7 + 2 ssd's, then this computer would be awesome Any clues? Pinout for the screen maybe, or pinout for the power supply? Best Regards, Billy