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    Reviving an old laptop, can it be done?

    It installs fine, but is there any way to bypass the error uncompressing plist of multikext archive 0 error? Or is that caused by the Extreme 2 card?
  2. devixluvic

    Reviving an old laptop, can it be done?

    I believe it has 512mb ram, some onboard crappy Intel graphics (which should be handled fine by titan/natit). It is a Centrino laptop. Also I'm installing off a DVD RW if that makes a difference at all. -Dev
  3. Hi, We were cleaning out our garage when we found an older Samsung Sens X15 laptop. My son was excited at first, but then disappointed because it had a crappily slow version of windows xp on it. I wanted to put OSX on it, but seeing as it is older decided to try Tiger. I had an original MBP that had Tiger, and it was still ok. I managed to get a JaS copy of 10.4.6, and it boots into the installer. When it is done though, I boot off a Chameleon boot disk and it just sits there. If I try verbose boot, it just says "Error uncompressing plist of multikext archive" or something like that. I went back and did a customized reinstall and now it just sits at a black screen for a couple minutes before rebooting. Any ideas of what to do? Do I have to go back to XP or Linux? I know the CPU would probably work, its a SSE2 Pentium M 1.7ghz. And it boots the installer from the DVD. If another installdisk would work, could someone tell me where to get it? Thanks! Dev