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  1. I seem to have the same issue as these folks...maybe... I have a fully working OSx86 with the Darwin boot loader that of course loads OSx86 by default...because that is in the first partition and XP is in the second. I have tried changing the boot disk in OSx preferences...but it simply shows "invalid boot disk" upon the boot...and then I also lose the Darwin loader...I have to fdisk reset primary partion to boot etc. Anywho...I would simply like the default boot to be XP...and if I hit a button THEN I could select OSx... Other than using Acronis...is their a way to tell Darwin to do it?
  2. iMovie and iDVD ?

    In the FWIW category... I have a Pioneer 106 DVD writer, and I put in the iDVD patch. It starts up, it imports video, it lets me edit etc... But it won't burn. It simply shuts down when it is time to burn a disk or image. From what I have seen however of iDVD...I am not impressed, limited capability to import video, non intuitive interface etc...if you have DV then it is probably ok...but limited anywhere else.
  3. [HowTo] Create a partition HFS

    I also used CFDISK and created an "AF" partition. When I booted osx86 Disk Utility, it saw the partition but couldn't access it...so I hit erase, it did some mumbo jumbo (I think it simply formatted the partition) and it was there.
  4. iDVD working?

    In the 'for what it is worth' category, I put the iDVD5 patch from Jeff's Mac Support Website. I don't get the warnings, it starts up...but when I go to create a project, it opens up the program for a few seconds...then closes down. Is there a way to see what is causing the shutdown? I get no warnings, just the shutdown...it could be due to low storage space, or anything...
  5. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Has anyone tried a Mac partitioning software? I tried iPartition...but it just gives me the bouncing ball when I try to look at a partition.
  6. [HowTo] Speed up hard disk access

    I made sure these steps were done (and they show running) AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext IOATAFamily.kext deleted these /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache /System/Library/Extensions.mkext and deleted the Generic Intel one. My numbers doubled for the HD test, and everthing else improved dramatically...but my HD speeds are still no where near what I saw here. How do I go about trouble shooting.