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    R.I.P Prawker

    RIP I never had contact with him, but I remember to have seen some of his posts. It sounds like he was a really nice and talented young boy. That being, he'll always be remembered for every bit of dedication he gave to this community. His 17 years of life were enough to gain our respect and admiration. That pretty much says it all.
  2. jpabferreira


    AnotherGeoff, it looks like (for now) your problem has got nothing to do with multi core support. I don't know about vista, but it sounds like you didn't burn your Kalyway DVD correctly. Just download UltraISO (for example), then right-click the ISO file and burn it at low speed. Good luck.
  3. jpabferreira


    @lilbeaner27: you got to use old ACPIPlatform Kexts. There's an option on both Kalyway and Leo4All latest releases, I guess. @AnotherGeoff: just disable Multi Core support in bios and that's it. Thumbs up!
  4. myjisn, will you stop flodding? Take your place on the line and wait. I was one of the first guys posting a request and i'm not flodding like if there's no tomorrow. You have to wait like everyone else! Kabyl may not even feel like modding bioses. Have you seen the amount of requests posted since his last message? He doesn't even have to answer our requests. Be patient and you'll hopefully get your mod.
  5. jpabferreira

    What do you think of the MacBook Air?

    My opinion is: Why in the hell would you need something so thin? The weight is ok, but for portability i'd personally prefer something smaller rather than thinner (if you know what i mean), which is something that several brands already developed. It also lacks internal CD/DVD drive and the price isn't portable enough to fit in my pocket, so yes: "I think the MacBook Air is Bad"
  6. This really looks a like of work for Kabyl to do. Kabyl, maybe you could share your knowledge and make some kind of an howto so people could try modding their own bios. Just an idea Thank You.
  7. Hello Kabyl, first of all let me thank you in advance for your work. This can lead me to almost 100% Leopard functionality on my laptop, which means having both cores working and passing through the famous "using ... buffer headers and ... cluster IO buffer headers" error. I was wondering if you could patch the latest bios update for my machine Download Here My Specs are: Chipset - GM965 ICH8-ME Processor - Intel Mobile Dual-Core T2310) Graphics - Intel GMA X3100 I'd also like to know about the chances of failure after flashing my machine with your patched bios. Is it too risky? I can't really wait to hear from you. Thanks a lot!
  8. Boycott these scumbags. End of story.
  9. jpabferreira

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Sounds like you guys will have to wait for Realtek.
  10. jpabferreira

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Hi there. You guys running Kalyway, try using the attached kexts (taken from iATKOS). kickz28, here they are. Good luck iATKOS_IO_kexts.zip
  11. jpabferreira

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    @SilverZero: I don't really know as I'm definitely no Hack OS expert (and even consider myself a noob). I figured out the way to get it working on my machine by trying everything I found searching this forum. Disabling Legacy USB support is the only way I can get it working perfectly everytime I boot Leopard Either disabling Legacy or not every other USB hardware works fine, so I disabled it and didn't worry anymore.
  12. jpabferreira

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Ah, i see. Maybe it has got something to do with RTL8187b.kext dependencies. My device is integrated but it appears as USB as well. One thing you guys can try is to know which are the kexts that RTL8187b.kext is dependent of. Then I can attach the kexts from iATKOS for you to try.
  13. jpabferreira

    Realtek RTL8187(L)

    My card is working. You guys can try my configuration following the steps posted HERE.
  14. jpabferreira

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Hey guys. I think I might have found a solution to your problem. I had some problems with Leopard and the situation ended up on installing iATKOS again. At the time of the first installation, one of the first things I did was fixing Shutdown and Restart (which I did using Kalyway's AppleACPIPlatform and AppleAPIC kexts replacing iATKOS kexts). This time, I tried to get wireless working first and couldn't manage to do so. Then, i forgot about it and fixed Shutdown and Restart using Kalyway's kexts again. Right after, I got back to wireless installation: installed the drivers of my signature (this might be important, as these aren't the ones on Realtek site), changed Device ID from 33161 to 33175, rebooted, disabled Legacy USB Support in BIOS, and that was it it just worked as good as used to do before. So, it looks like the most important step that I didn't mention before is using AppleACPIPlatform and AppleAPIC kexts from Kalyway. Step-by-step summary: . Install the drivers posted at my signature . Install Kalyway's kexts (attached) . Edit Info.plist on RTL8187Bt.kext/Contents and change idProduct from 33161 to 33175. . Reboot and disable "Legacy USB Support" in BIOS (if you have this option) . Connect to your wireless network using Realtek WLAN CLient, open Safari and surf the web (hopefully) PS: I also combined enabling/disabling "Legacy USB Support" with using 33161/33175 in Info.plist and the only combination that got it to work was without "Legacy USB Support" and with 33175 in Info.plist I really hope this can fix your problem. Follow the steps and cross your fingers João Kalyway_Kexts.zip
  15. jpabferreira

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Hey guys. Sorry for the late reply Joey. I finally attached my kext for you guys to try. Boa sorte Paulo RTL8187Bt.kext.zip