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  1. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Thanks a lot, works fine, except for sleep. The fans and hard drives stay active. Do you think there is any chance, to fix this as well?
  2. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    send_me.zip May I ask you to patch my DSDT as well? It comes from an Asus P8P67 LE with the newest UEFI (1003).
  3. Just read on macgadget.com, that the German hackintosh builder PearC is for sale on ebay. What do you think? Fear of Apple? Bankrupt?
  4. Disable HPET Mode in the BIOS. This did the trick for me ... Working fine since some hours ...
  5. Hey guys, I have Snow installed successfully on my EX58-UD5 and it's working nearly perfect, except for Wi-Fi. I have a DLink DWA-547 with Atheros5008 chipset and it was working perfect under Leopard. Snow Leopard detects the card OOTB, but everytime I try to use it, it panics. mDNSResponder, configd, kernel_task, there were several reasons Do you have any idea to fix it?
  6. Snow Leopard QE/CI

    Wo / Wie lässt sich das denn nun überprüfen?!
  7. Boot 132 CD

    Would that also work off a CD?
  8. In my case, everything works, except the second ethernet port.Mac OS X recognizes only one port, any solutions?
  9. Is there a way to put the new 10.5.7 vanilla kernel to a boot-132 disc? I think it would make installing much easier, but as there are no 10.5.7 retail disks out yet ... How about slipstreaming that update to a retail disc? Would that be possible?