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  1. So is it safe to say that with a Apple Cinema Display, I should be able to wake from sleep on my Dellcintosh?
  2. Vsquared

    New Leopard Build Watch

    I have no invite for this mentioned place either... Just in case anyone is curious...
  3. Does anyone have one of these little suckers and if so could they so Kindly Produce a Pinout So I don't have to spend 30.00 :pirate2: on one? Thanks in Advance!!!
  4. Vsquared

    Nifties in Leopard

    Something I thought was nifty: when using the .mac portion of System Preferences, the "back to my mac" option allows screen sharing etc, i'm not sure if anyone saw this or thought it was worth noting...
  5. Vsquared

    Frustrated with Leopard

    is it the same HD that you are booting from?
  6. Vsquared

    Frustrated with Leopard

    you need to defrag (iDefrag also from makers of iPartition) before you can partition. I posted the instructions in a few different places. the point is to compact your data so you can create your new partition
  7. This is the one I used to use before I saw the one posted... PixelGirlPresents
  8. Vsquared

    Can't boot 10.5 from iMac G5

    Try this, Its worked for me on all 3 of my G4's.. .maybe it will work for you LINKY LINKY
  9. Vsquared

    Please help!

    Try this EDIT: WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T UPGRADE. It's just going to waste a great deal of time.
  10. Vsquared

    Please help!

    What he means is creating a separate partition on your first (or, much faster way) your second drive just big enough (7Gig) to "restore" the image you "acquired" to it then restarting (startup disk) to that partition, then doing the installation from there...
  11. Vsquared

    Front Row on unsupported computer.

    Perhaps I should be posting this elsewhere but, what are the keyboard commands to navigate Frontrow? I can start it... but then I can't do much else, and its not frozen. Its weird.... any ideas? I don't want to report this as a bug because i'm not sure of what i'm doing. EDIT: NEVERMIND
  12. Vsquared

    Front Row on unsupported computer.

    Leopard Works great on my 1 Gig G4 PB... I think it works better then Tiger but that is just from initial impressions, I haven't fully tested it (CS3, REASON, LOGIC + VST's). BUT, it runs VLC Really Well. and thanks to this, I just figured out how to use front row, haven't played with that yet either though...
  13. Vsquared

    Installing Leopard

    It Seems the biggest problem is partitioning with iPartition... I couldn't figure it out for the longest time, then I realized that YOU HAVE TO DEFRAG THE HARD DRIVE. This was because even though I had 16Gigs of Free space, I had data written at the Beginning and th END of the partition... So I compacted it (300Gig ~ 16 hours) then I went back into iPartition and Low and behold, I had free space to resize... Then I created my two additional partitions, restored to one, installed to the other, system runs great! Perhaps I should post a Guide?
  14. Vsquared

    Installing Leopard

    If you have enough room, try my method, It worked like a champ and you end up cleaning a little more room in the long run: How to Install without a DL burner
  15. Vsquared

    Leopard DVD's not bootable

    I ran into the same problem, What I ended up doing was, after creating a partition to install Leo on (14+ hour defrag) I created a second Partition (7Gb) and restored the image to the second Partition. Make sure you name them in some way that you will know which is which, then I went to "Startup disk" and selected the volume which I had Restored the file to... no burning nesc. I'm in the process of installing right now, I will let you know if it completes. In Short: Create 2 extra Partitions (Recommend having at least 20Gb of free space) 1: 12Gig (I did it with 8) 2: 8Gig (I did it with 7) Restore Image to 8Gig Partition (Disk Utility) Goto System Preferences Select Startup Disk Select Volume which was restored then hit "Restart" Make sure to select the appropriate installation volume when going through the installer I should note that the installer says you need a minimum of 10.1Gig (edited for clarity) in your installation destination, I disabled everything and it said I was good to go. T-8 minutes until complete. EDIT: Installation was successful, MAN She Screams :0)