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  1. Steam for Mac is released.

    steam crashes out for me as well
  2. OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    can anyone get ethernet marvell 8056 working? i edited the kext to reflect 8056 but it still isnt showing up edit* nevermind, it worked after i updated the audio kext using AppleHDAPatcher ...weird...
  3. 10.5.5 update?

    follow this guide? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=107340
  4. New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    one of my main gripes with these dvd releases is included craplets or the "about this mac" apple graphic is altered or changed. can anyone confirm or deny this with this dvd? Why cant someone just release a simple straight forward "this is all you need dvd i wont mess up the aesthetics of anything else with stupid crapware you will probably never use, and wont mess up the sexy look of the default OS X appearance"
  5. ' What i did was install jcool's drivers for the x1950xt to get my x1950xtx to work. then i just went ahead and installed the leopard graphics update. what i dont know is weather the leopard gfx update helped or not since ive always used the jcool kexts to get my vid card to work. in any case though the leopard graphics update didnt mess anything up
  6. I applied a driver update and installed some kexts that i found in the drivers section of the forums at osx86scene.com (I've always used this) and then did the Apple graphics card update...i dont know if its the drivers i added from the (Non apple) update i ran but ive never had an issue with the method i use. Dont know if the Apple graphics update package influences or not
  7. wish the search function here actually worked better and found what i need to find to solve this reboot issue
  8. yeah with the kernel update u get the vanilla kernel which is intended for intel core duos and intel chipset motherboards (wont work with amd i assume)and a modified one for amd and anything else I can also confirm that Kallyway's combo update doesnt add any unnecessary apps that show up in install dvds. AND it works on a 10.5.0 fresh install.I used a Retail Leopard disk and used Brazilmac's method to create an install dvd, loaded up the postpatch, then upgraded with kalyway's update and kernel patch. Everything went smooth.
  9. hah i just searched and found out you can hide mach_kernel it always annoys me when i click on my HD and i see that lone random script there still need a reboot fix though...i had one and i seen one on irc, but when i use it to replace a kext it always messes up my system upon restart.
  10. can someone point me in the right direction on a reboot fix? shutdown seems to work fine but reboot doesn't work. I use the kalyway update on my brazilmac dvd then did a vanilla kernel patch...everything is working fine. Am I supposed to have mach_kernel in my install drive? or is that safe to delete?
  11. question: does thus work in 10.5.0 since it hasn't been tested in that version yet and also does it install any unnecessary (craplets) like his and iatkos install DVD did?
  12. i tried running netkas' instructions on his site but apparently i did something wrong and got a kernel panic. had to reboot. now all i get are kernel panics. should i just reinstall Leopard? Is there anyway i can recover? long story short i booted up into terminal via my leopard disk...thought maybe if i ran the brazilmac's postpatch.sh it would delete the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext i think im boned =(
  13. is there a way for me to run this with the leopard disk boot into the install menu? mount it via diskutil and run the terminal command in the background?
  14. 10.5.2

    a lot of pple with kalyway installs here... I have the brazilmac method on a guid partition and efi v8 ill give it a try when i get home, hopefully it will work like i updated to 10.5.1 after a clean install
  15. 10.5.2

    i thought having a a vanila kernel and efi was the reason everyone installed it, so they wouldnt have issues with these updates from apple?