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  1. i use clover by Toelda_Realtek_ALC ALC 892
  2. Fosel2

    Need Your Help DSDT HP 1000 - 1307TU

    not'work thank
  3. Hey help me plz . i'm use dsdt working no error but can't change brightness i need to add device for change brightness thanks dsdt.zip
  4. Fosel2

    .kext work on a GT 440 DDR3 1GB

    http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-p...spx?pid=3746#sp My question is if this will work on my Gigabyte GT440 DDR3 1GB i installed iAtkos 10.6.3 combo update 10.6.6(don't work kernel panic) help me Gigabyte GT440 DDR3 1GB for qe/ci ? thank
  5. i'm bad english i use iAtkos 10.6.3 install error use -x -v How to set bios ConRoe1333 D667 R1 Bios Ver P1.30 Thanks My PC CPU Intel E2160 MoBo Conroe 1333 D667 R1 Ram DDR2 1GB*2 VGA ASUS 8400GS Sound ALC888 Bios Ver P1.30 HDD SATA 160 GB*2 SATA I : Windows 7 SATA II : OSX ( Install Error)