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    Your Greatest Photos

    Here are a few of mine: There are more on Google Web Albums: Google Web Albums
  2. I am having a weird problem with my audio at the moment. After installing OSX it worked fine, then installed garageband to record some stuff. That all worked fine. Until I closed garageband, it crashed, now my audio does not work. When it does its only for a few seconds. I am guessing that I might be able to fix the problem by resetting the audio driver. Which I have no idea how to do. EDIT: Restarted computer, audio works until either a sound is played or (if playing a song) the music completely stops.
  3. Thanks for the swift reply! I was not expecting to hear anything so quick. I think I am going to give it a go. It will give me a good excuse to finally upgrade some, if not all, components. Which is something that I have been meaning to do. I will definitely be back here as soon as I get a g5 case and some components.
  4. After seeing all the G5 case mods here, I am thinking of trying my had at making one. Though I do have a few questions, if anyone is willing or able to answer them I would really appreciate it. First, a general Os X86 question. I figure if I end up doing this I might as well update my PC at the same time. I currently have an AMD 64 3800, and my question is; would it be better for me to upgrade to a dual core AMD or go for an Intel Duo Core? Is there a noticeable difference between the two in Os X? Second, is it at all easier to fit a microATX in the G5 cases then a full form ATX? If so, any recommendations? Third, skill wise how much is required to preform a g5 hack? While I do know my way around a soldering gun and Dremel I would not go so far as to say that I am an expert at either. From the pictures and descriptions of other peoples projects it seems that such a hack uses a lot of both tools. -Thanks in advance
  5. Sysp3nguin

    I-tunes Cpu Usage

    I have a SSE2, so I gess maybe there is some other problem? It also has the tendancy to crash. I also noticed it doesnt really like my I-Pod, when its plugged in it seems to freeze more often. Maybe I installed the Maxxuss patch wrong?
  6. Sysp3nguin

    I-tunes Cpu Usage

    On a side note, is any one else having the problem of OS X not shutting down or restarting?
  7. Sysp3nguin

    I-tunes Cpu Usage

    After quite a while i finally got everything working, osx is patched and working. Except for the fact that I-Tunes, and actually any PPC app uses about 50% of the cpu. So firefox and Itunes are both really slow. Is this a common problem, and if so is it fixable? -Thanks in advance