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  1. Intel CPU's not used by any mac in the past are also not supported, am I right? (Such as Intel's Sandy Bridge platform)
  2. It was a vanilla Snow Leopard, only a ModCD to emulate BIOS. So if I'm right I need to buy an Intel board with Intel i7 or something?
  3. It is an AMD Phenom II X6, but I thought by using VMware ESXi, that wouldn't matter. I have run Snow Leopard on it using ModCD's though. Would a AMD Phenom II X6 be to new for 10.6.0? Thanks in advance, Grootstyr
  4. First OS X 10.6 and later OS X 10.7, both with the same results.
  5. I installed Donk's patch, rebooted a couple of times, and when I try to install snow leopard via an iso it hangs. When I view the event tab it says: The CPU has been disabled by the guest operation system. Power off or reset the virtual machine. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. PCI-passthrough is perhaps an option, although I don't know in which versions PCI passthrough is available.
  7. VMware is verry slow

    OS X and other OS's are running far from slow on my AMD box AMD Phenom II X6 1090T(3.2GHz) with 2GB per VM. I have 16600MHz available for allocating and 8GB RAM, thinking of updating to 16GB though. So how slow it is really depends on your configuration - although let it be clear that it will never be as fast as natively.
  8. It depends, but if there is no data on the 1TB disk, you should format it and it will work properly. Second question is, how is the disk currently formatted.
  9. Would be splendid! Have been playing around with it for the last few days but the current method provided by felixaa is not perfect. When I try that method my Scsi disk boot is unsuccesful, no matter what I try.
  10. You should check the Events page for your VM. It should state something that the guest operating system has disabled the cpu. I haven't found a workaround yet..
  11. smc.present = "TRUE" --> smc.present = "FALSE" did not solve the problem. Perhaps because I did not follow the entire guide of Donk. Actually I did not follow it at all because I thought ESX5.0 supports OS X natively now. If someone is able to write a patch that makes ESX5.0 think smc is present all problems will be solved without all the hassle. Is it possible to write such an patch? (not by me of course... )
  12. What do you need to change to run Lion in ESX5.0? My tests came back negative, the apple logo appears and then a log message appears: CPU has been disabled by guest operation system. Please reset or shutdown your guest... Some help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. The only way to use a iMac as an display is to put it into Target Display mode. To achieve that mode you have to boot Mac OS X natively, and then press some buttons. The iMac cannot be used as an display for another computer while ESXi is installed on it. So basically, even if ESXi installs on the iMac, you have a nice 1000-dollar cinema display going to waste. You really would not want that. Besides, the amount of input lagg between the vmware console and a virtual machine is more than you would expect. Waiting a quarter second before every click arrives gets annoying over time. According to your post the Tax-free shopping is over now, but if you are still considering this option. Don't.