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  1. Oscar Sanchez

    i7 870 SpeedStep

    Hello. I've changed the CPU name to P001...8. I also separed CPU things of DSDT to SSDT. I've attached you my DSDT and my SSDT. I don't notice any change... If you see my SSDT, there are P-States (in the _PSS section) between 0x17 and 0x09 (15 states). If I change the 0x09 to 0x00 and the first state becomes 0x0E, I loose turbo and my max multiplier becomes x14. I mean: 0x17 -> 0x0E 0x16 -> 0x0D ... ... 0x0A -> One 0x09 -> Zero Then, I've reverted back to get turbo and x22 multiplier and looking for something on IOReg I have seen a strange thing: As you see, it says registered False in the red boxes (CPU), but in the yellow box (GPU) it says True (my graphic card works perfectly with good temps). And the max value is 0xe, but in the SSDT the max value is 0x17 and the min is 0x09... PS: for getting the _PSS values, I used this THANKS again for your time and patience patched.zip
  2. Oscar Sanchez

    i7 870 SpeedStep

    Oups! Sorry for that. Here's my origin folder. Thanks again. origin.zip
  3. Oscar Sanchez

    i7 870 SpeedStep

    I've used RW-Everything to extract all the ACPI Tables. In the ZIP there's also individually the DSDT and the SSDT. There are in .rw extension, but you can use TextEdit (for example) to open it. When I tried to compile the DSDT I got some errors. Thanks for your help, too. I've tried 1, 7 and 15 values but it seems to be the same... I don't notice any change DSDT,SSDT,Taules ACPI.zip
  4. Oscar Sanchez

    i7 870 SpeedStep

    First of all, thanks for your help. I've tried iMac11.1, 11.2 and 11.3 SMBIOS (also editing FakeSMC Info.plist for every SMBIOS) and trying with or without DSDT with no luck. I always get the same multipliers (9, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26) with DSDT and without it I only get 9 and 22. I used Kext Utility every time I modified Info.plist. Do I need to run this utility always? Or can I simply modify the kext in Clover's EFI partition? With DSDT I only got turbo multipliers for every core, and the x9 multiplier. But in IOReg there are 15 values at PerformanceStateArray (iMac11,3 > CPU0@0 > AppleACPICPU > ACP_SMC_PlatformPlugin). For example, in an instant I could get this (from HWMonitor). Core 1: x9 Core 2: x23 Core 3: x22 Core 4: x25 But without using my DSDT I can only get all the multipliers at 9 or at 22. I mean: Core 1: x9 || Core 1: x22 Core 2: x9 || Core 2: x22 Core 3: x9 || Core 3: x22 Core 4: x9 || Core 4: x22 Here's a screenshot of HWMonitor graphs using DSDT. As you can see, the multipliers always go up and down. I don't know what CPU Core Avarege means. I don't know if I can do anything more to try to fix it. Could a clean install improve it? Thanks again and sorry for my English.
  5. Oscar Sanchez

    i7 870 SpeedStep

    Hello, I've been trying to get Speedstep working on my Intel Core i7 870 (Lynnfield) with no success. I've modified my DSDT with some patches and now I've got different multipliers in every core (x9, x22, x23, x24, x26, I think), but I also want to get working the other multipliers (x11, x17... etc) like in Windows. I've OS X 10.11.6 and Clover 3676. I use the last version of FakeSMC with its plugins. I've attached my DSDT, IOReg copy and my Clover config.plist. Thank you, Oscar copia.zip