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  1. Hello all, So, I'm setting up my Mac with some VPN stuff and I start looking at my route tables and when I do netstat -r I get this: Routing tables Internet: Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire default UGSc 13 0 en0 127 cluster.adultadwor UCS 0 0 lo0 cluster.adultadwor cluster.adultadwor UH 12 753 lo0 169.254 link#4 UCS 0 0 en0 192.168.1 link#4 UCS 2 0 en0 0:13:10:8:a9:47 UHLWI 13 0 en0 1097 cluster.adultadwor UHS 0 0 lo0 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff UHLWbI 2 28 en0 Internet6: Destination Gateway Flags Netif Expire localhost localhost UH lo0 fe80::%lo0 localhost Uc lo0 localhost link#1 UHL lo0 fe80::%en0 link#4 UC en0 ncc1701x.local 0:26:4a:12:70:e6 UHL lo0 ff01:: localhost Um lo0 ff02:: localhost UmC lo0 ff02:: link#4 UmC en0 What the hell is cluster.adultadworld.com??? :) I have that site (with many others) blocked in my host file If I do netstat -b I get: Active Internet connections Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address (state) udp4 0 0 *.* *.* udp4 0 0 *.* *.* udp6 0 0 *.60551 *.* udp4 0 0 *.60551 *.* udp4 0 0 *.* *.* udp6 0 0 *.52435 *.* udp4 0 0 *.52435 *.* udp6 0 0 *.49680 *.* udp4 0 0 *.49680 *.* udp6 0 0 *.56709 *.* udp4 0 0 *.56709 *.* udp6 0 0 *.62877 *.* udp4 0 0 *.62877 *.* udp6 0 0 *.58008 *.* udp4 0 0 *.58008 *.* udp6 0 0 *.53650 *.* udp4 0 0 *.53650 *.* udp6 0 0 *.65205 *.* udp4 0 0 *.65205 *.* udp6 0 0 *.56667 *.* udp4 0 0 *.56667 *.* udp6 0 0 *.63949 *.* udp4 0 0 *.63949 *.* udp4 0 0 *.* udp6 0 0 *.kerberos *.* udp4 0 0 *.* udp4 0 0 *.* udp4 0 0 *.* udp6 0 0 ncc1701x.ntp *.* udp4 0 0 cluster.adultadw.ntp *.* udp6 0 0 localhost.ntp *.* udp6 0 0 localhost.ntp *.* udp6 0 0 *.ntp *.* udp4 0 0 *.ntp *.* udp4 0 0 *.netbios-dgm *.* udp4 0 0 *.netbios-ns *.* udp4 0 0 *.* *.* udp6 0 0 *.mdns *.* udp4 0 0 *.mdns *.* udp4 0 0 *.* *.* icm6 0 0 *.* *.* I'm not happy with : udp4 0 0 cluster.adultadw.ntp *.* Can somebody help me out here? I am not what is going on here. I could really *REALLY* use some help. Thanks! -P
  2. FS: Macbook Pro LOADED! $1600.00 OBO

    Thanks for the replies. Its been a good little notebook. :-) I'm not sure if I have the paperwork, I would have to look. You can see more pictures here: http://www.mmhart.com/macbookpro.html Cheers! -P
  3. FS: Macbook Pro LOADED! $1600.00 OBO

    Yes, it works great! I had to pay to have the Logic Board fixed/replaced but I haven't had any trouble since. Its a great system. I've been most happy with Apple since I made my switch.
  4. Hello all, I am selling my MacBook Pro 15.4" Notebook. I have included a list of everything that it comes with. I'm asking $1600.00 OBO. Email me if you would like pictures! :-) Thanks, -P Macbook Pro 15.4" Notebook Glossy Screen 2.16 Ghz 2 Gig of Ram 250 Gig HD (5400 RPM) 256 meg X1600 Video Card Remote Control DVI-VGA Adapter Keyboard Cloth Cover 8 in 1 Memory Card Reader (USB) Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 All boxes and manuals 1 Kensington Notebook Carrying Case 1 Case Logic 15.4" Notebook Sleeve with Zipper 2 Genuine Apple AC Power Adapters 4 Genuine Apple Macbook Pro Batteries (Yeah, I said 4) iKlear Macbook Pro Glossy Screen Cleaner/Polisher Endust Microfiber Polishing Cloth Apple Leopard 10.5 OS Apple Tiger 10.4 OS with iLife 2006 Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Microsoft Windows XP Pro Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition Western Digital 500 Gig My Book Hard Drive (USB 2.0)
  5. 10.5.2 Due Soon

    Colonel, that really made me laugh! Thank you, I needed it!
  6. 10.5.2 (Build 9C16) Seeded to Developers

    Yeah, I'm with you. I really thought it was going to be released at MW so I was kinda disappointed. I really like Leopard, but there are a slew of things I hope get fixed: The biggest issue I'm having is with Spaces. I really, really, *really* like Spaces but damn, there are a lot of apps that just don't play well with it. I hate saying this but I like Office 2008 and it has a stroke working with Spaces. In fairness, so do a bunch of other apps so I can't start waving my finger at Microsoft. The odd thing is that I was running the free virtual desktops program under Tiger (Virtual Desktop, I think) and it didn't have anywhere near this many issues that I recall. I hope it gets released Friday so we can play with it over the weekend. -P
  7. I too have had problems with this app. I'm kind of weary about mentioning this, but I love the chime on my MBP, so I like to crank the startup chime However, with this app under Leopard (10.5.1) I would get all sorts of sound volumes upon reboots and cold starts. Sometimes muted, sometimes loud, sometimes in between. In the end I just removed it. (a somewhat embarrassed) -P
  8. Windows Vista

    Ok, I haven't read the whole thread but I read enough to want to add my thoughts to the discussion. I am a CS Professor for Purdue University. I am also a beta tester for Microsoft (since Nashville - if any of you remember that?). Windows Vista is not Microsoft at its best. Its slow, buggy, and NOT what the kids in Redmond promised in Longhorn. I personally was looking forward to WinFS as NTFS is a great FS but really showing its age. For the first time in my workings with Microsoft, I've seen them drop the ball. On all previous products, their dev cycle was top notch. Vista Development was an example of a company divided internally. My humble opinion? I think the source code for Windows is a mess. I think that Bill knows it and Steve knows it. I also think that Bill is tired. I think he has done his bit for king and country and after realizing how bad the source code for Vista is, he wants to move on. He has brought the company this far and its time for somebody else to take over. Also, Steve Ballmer is no Bill Gates. That might hurt Microsoft more than anything. Steve has some pretty big shoes to fill and I'm not sure that he can do it because 1) He is not a programmer, Gates was and that was a huge asset and 2) I don't think he is as business smart as Gates. That may sound harsh and I'm not trying to personally degrade him but Gates was a programmer AND a great business person. I think that Wallstreet will reflect this when Gates leaves for good. Some questions about Vista we should be asking: 1. Let's not beat around the bush: What the hell were they doing for all those years? Why didn't they leverage the knowledge they gained from ME, XP, 2k, and 2k3 Srvr? This has been one of Microsoft's strengths in the past. 2. How did the insane copy bug get past Q/A? It was in the betas I saw. I reported it along with thousands of other folks. 3. From a CS Design perspective, UAC is horrible. I wrote in my bug reports that UAC will be a disaster for MS. You only get a few chances for a user to read what you're telling them. If you annoy them or bug them they will just start to click whatever button gets rid of your message. UAC is a mistake I expect from a first year CS student, not a multi-billion dollar company. 4. Where is the reason to upgrade to Vista? Windows 2000 was a business OS. Not many drivers for the consumer market and MS pushed 2k for the corporate world. XP was 2k with great driver support. Going from 98, 98SE, or godaweful ME was like night and day to XP. It was way more stable and offered many new features to the public was had not be exposed to NT. "What?? A task can crash and not take down the whole system??" 5. Windows 2003 Server's kernel is newer than XP's with some really great improvements. Its kernel has a number of new features including a rewritten job scheduler, thread manager, 4gb of memory support in *32bit* versions, and lots of bug fixes. In many ways, the Win2k3 kernel is faster compared to XP's. How did this turn into the Vista kernel?? (Also, why does Vista 32bit not support 4gb of memory?) 6. Lets talk drivers. Again, what was Microsoft thinking? Did anybody else find Nvida and ATi's response odd? First, why did it take both companies so long to get *good* drivers out the door for Vista? I mean it wasn't like they woke up one day and went "Oh, look at that! Microsoft has a new OS out! I guess we we should get to work writing drivers for it!" Here are two companies that make good products with very mature drivers (fanboys need not flame me, sorry both are good companies). Yet it took both of them a very long time to get working drivers with good support? I mean, this is what they do, right? Make graphic cards and drivers? Microsoft had to be helping them with their drivers and products, yet it took both of them a long time to get working drivers? This is a huge red flag. If ATI or Nvidia had great driver support from day one and the other didn't, you could blame the the other graphic card manufacturer, but you didn't. You saw both companies struggle with their drivers. Well, that points to a driver/kernel/coding issue that must be much worse then we think. Now add all the other driver issues from other companies and I think you start to get a better picture behind closed doors...something just isn't right. 7. No matter how you look at it, Vista is much slower compared to XP. I don't mean a little, I mean a lot. I would say anywhere between 15% to 20% depending on what you are doing. Copying large files for example is really, really slow. I would like to see some data regarding Vista's Anti-Piracy code. I have heard everything from 100 to a gazillion times a second Vista runs its anti-theft code. Well, how much CPU time is that eating? Is it the kernel? Why is it so much slower compared to Win2k3 for example? Is it the new GUI? Well, I've seen the new GUI for Linux do some amazing graphics on less hardware. Do I think Leopard is perfect? Nope. Do I think its faster compared to Tiger on my MBP. Yep. Do I think the features VS the price is a good deal? Yes, I do. Can I say the same for Vista Ultimate (which I own)? Nope. That is a lot of money for very little return. Does Microsoft deserve to make the money they will off of Vista? No, they don't. They are going to force the market into buying it and they will not suffer the same wrath of the public another company would have to endure. Will we 'grow' into Vista? Sure. My next Quad Core Notebook, et al will probably run Vista fine. Not that its still worth the Ultimate price mind you. I will make one prediction: Windows 7 will be subscription based. Microsoft has always admired the Cable TV Industry. Getting people to pay per month for something is a great deal (for the company). Office 2003 was going to offer a subscription based mode. It almost made it in to the RC versions when they canned the idea. You could rent Word, Excel, etc... or the whole thing for a month if you wanted. I put in my reports that people will not do that. They will go with an Open Source Office or just pirate Office 2k3. Just my thoughts, -P
  9. Forsale: 2.5" 160GB SATA Notebook Drive. Brand new and still sealed in anti-static bag. Comes with a 2 year warranty. Price: $50.00 for the drive and $10.00 to ship it in the US. PM me for a photo and serial # to verify the warranty. Thanks, -P Specs from Hitachi: Brand HITACHI Series Travelstar 5K160 Model HTS541616J9SA00 (0A28844) Interface Serial ATA150 Capacity 160GB Cache 8MB Average Seek Time 11ms Average Latency 5.5ms RPM 5400 RPM Form Factor 2.5" Features: High reliability mobile drive using perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) Best-in-class for low-power utilization Outstanding performance
  10. Macserialjunkie

    I hate cyber squatters. I really miss MSJ.
  11. The Ford Escort was the best selling car in America for well over a decade. Does that mean it was the best car ever made? More fun to drive than a Mustang GT, Corvette, or Porsche? I think the answer is no. More sales does not mean better. Mac OS X is like driving an exotic, high end sports car. Its fast, fun, and stable. Besides -like an exotic sports car- it draws more attention when you pull out a Macbook or Macbook Pro then a generic box running Vista, XP, or even 2008. My 2cents worth, -P
  12. Hello folks, I have a handful of brand new still-sealed-in-the-box Macbook Pro Batteries that I'm selling for $50.00 a piece. There is nothing wrong with them. I'm trying to raise money to pay for a new logic board for my MBP. Apple wants $1048.00 to replace it so I'm looking for ways to soften that blow to my wallet. Read about my problem here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=73896 These are brand new batteries from Apple and are sealed in the boxes. I have attached a picture (taken with my camera phone, sorry) so you can see them. PM me if you are interested so we can work out shipping and payment. Thanks, -P
  13. I'm hoping that somebody might be able to shed some light on my MBP problem. This is what I did: 1. Installed a fresh clean copy of Leopard, went fine. 2. Was re-installing other software I use, including XCode. 3. While installing software, Finder crashed. I could not shutdown or restart my MBP. I could do other things like open terminal, Safari, etc...but not get Finder to shut the MBP down. 4. Held down power button until it turned off. Since then, I can not turn on the MBP. Can push the power button multiple times but nothing happens. I mean *nothing*: -no chime -no HD spin up -no flicker of life The AC adapter is plugged in with a light (both red and green depending on the battery I put in). What I have done: -Took out battery, unplugged MBP, held power button down to reset PPMU. Put AC in, nothing. Put battery in, nothing, Put both back in, nothing. -Opened lid, unplugged HD and DVD drive incase either one of them was 'holding down the system' and keeping it from powering on. Nothing. -Promised not to install Vista on it. Nothing. I'm really stumped. Apple said to replace the logic board in a MBP is $1048.00! Ack! Does anyone here have any ideas?? Could the logic board be dead? What about the keyboard power button? I wish I could turn it on some other way to verify the power button (though it seems like a long shot that it would just die). Any advice would be great! Thanks, -P
  14. I'm sure this will not make me insanely popular (sorry for the pun) but does anybody else think Leopard is buggy? The more I use it, the more I can't wait for 10.5.1. Some issues I've found: -Leopard, Spaces, and Finder don't always play nicely together. Finder seems to get lost sometimes in the plethora that is Spaces. I've had to relaunch Finder a few times to get newly placed files on the desktop to show up. -Sometimes Spaces gets confused when you move stuff around. Office 2008 is a great example of a program that doesn't quite know what to do with Spaces. -Spaces has some issues with dialog boxes. I've had a site in Safari put up a dialog box and it put the dialog box on another Space. Strange... -Firefox crashes a lot for me since I moved to Leopard. -Adobe CS3....jeez, way to drop the ball Adobe! I sincerely think they woke up on Leopard's release day and said "Huh, Apple released a new OS. Guess we better have a look at it." Don't get me wrong. Leopard has a slew of other features that I love and its a great OS. No KPs or anything but just a tad rough around some of the edges that should have been solved during beta testing. <COUGH> a public beta might have helped<COUGH>. FYI: I did a fresh format and install of Leopard on my MBP. -P
  15. Leopard's Popularity

    I wanted to share my experience with pre-ordering Leopard and the surprises I found. I'm a Computer Science Professor for a well known University in the Mid-West and I have been shocked at how well Leopard is doing here. I'm thrilled with the response but didn't think Leopard would garner this kind of attention. These are some of the items I've witnessed: -Leopard has been requested so much at the bookstore that the bookstore mailed fliers to the whole campus to announce they were carrying Leopard. -When I called to ask about Leopard at the bookstore, they told me that they have had such a large response to people asking for Leopard that they are unsure they can meet demand. Pre-Orders will only be guaranteed through today for Friday. -They have placed two more orders for Leopard from their warehouse. Meaning they feel they will sell out Friday, and their next shipment. -They are going to have more people on-hand during the 6pm launch on Friday to handle all the pre-orders. They did not do this for Tiger. -I had to wait in line to place my pre-order for Leopard! That really surprised me. -The bookstore manager told me the phone has been ringing off the hook about Leopard. So I placed my $69 order and left feeling pretty good about Apple! Other than having to wait for 6pm, I'm excited about Friday. Oh, I asked the bookstore manager when they will actually receive the boxes and she told me that they will not get them in until Friday morning. Its one of the reasons there is a 6pm launch time. I am still hopeful she might let faculty snag their copies when we go home. Either way, I was pretty impressed with Apple and Leopard's popularity. -P