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    Kalyway 10.5.2 Intel

    So, when you see Darwin, you should to press "F8" and type with quotes - "Graphics Mode"="640x480x32" Afte that you will be able to make your account. I am not sure for it, but I found this method in forum.
  2. I want to install Mac OS on my old computer. The first time I picked iDeneb 10.5.5. I could install that system, but at the time of first boot, computer stopped. I tried with "-v": Selected Fixes in iDeneb: 9.2.0 Sleep (Intel/AMD/SSE2/SSE3) • ACPI-Fix • Cpus=1-Fix • Powermanagement • PowerOff_Fix After the war with iDeneb, downloaded iAtkos v7. Selected Fixes in iAtkos: iAtkos main system chameleon v2 /extra directory DSDT Apple decrypt Apple SMBIOS netkas 9.5.0 kernel voodoo x86 ACPI APIC driver Disabler OHR EFI string for NVidia Intel sata/ide Voodoo HDA So, Here are screenshots from iAtkos: After 5 seconds I saw: But I could booted with "-s". I dont know what I able to do in that mode. Here are screenshots of my bios: Help me please. What must I do to get the working MacOS? Which kexts should I install? And What problem is it?